EMODA x JELLY Rockabilly Dolls 2014 Nail Color Set

by - Sunday, March 08, 2015

Wohooo~ Finally I got this! Though it is too late to blog about this now, but I still want to share it with you. Lately I've been following Japanese fashion trends a lot and I end up loving a Japanese fashion brand, EMODA. Just a quick introduction, EMODA is a very popular fashion label in Japan, it first started as a fashion brand for mode gal (モードギャル) but over the years they are more into cool, edgy and mature fashion now. I love their cool and simple-but-not ordinary style, but still very edgy and feminine at the same time. They have the coolest outfit coordinates ever, so that's why I often look for fashion inspirations from them. Aside of clothing, EMODA also has a cosmetic line, EMODA Cosmetics, which is also as popular as ever!

This brand is founded by this gorgeous lady, Ena Matsumoto. She is the founder (in fact EMODA is made from her name ENA + MODE = EMODA) and also the producer of the brand, she might look familiar to some because she is also a popular model and fashion icon in Japan. Never in my life I became fond of a particular brand and a female model this much, but I really admire the style that both Ena and EMODA bring.

She's really really gorgeous. Maybe she's one of the true example of a ' cool beauty' eh? I can say that she's my fashion inspiration for now. Too bad Ena has quit EMODA, the brand she has built over the years. She has been a face of EMODA for years so it's strange to see them walking separate ways now, moreover, to see EMODA without Ena. T_T

OK enough with the sad news, I would like to present you : My first EMODA product... a freebie from a magazine LOLOLOL : EMODA x JELLY Rockabilly Dolls Nail Set 2014 


Most fashion brands has collections for Spring/Summer (SS) and Autumn/Winter (AW) theme for each year, and in 2014 EMODA came up with 'Rockabilly Dolls' concept for their AW Collection, and 'Effortless Bohemian' for their 2015 SS Collection. This Rockabilly Dolls nail set is of the part of their AW Collection campaign, collaborating with a Japanese fashion magazine : JELLY

Japanese magazine is known to be generous when it comes to giving an extra bonus. When I saw my friend's post on Instagram about this nail set, I immediately called Kinokuniya to place an order, for the sake of this EMODA Nail Set. Because you know, EMODA products are quite steep, and then where can I get EMODA in Indonesia? Can't lah unless I go to Japan or buy them via online shop service which will cost me even higher. So as a cheapskate I'd rather go for this. Even though it's a freebie as long as it says 'EMODA' I would happily go for it ^_^


Each set comes in a 4 small bottles of nail polish, for 7ml each. Its so small, well its a magazine bonus anyway. But they are made with quite sturdy glass bottle and nice matte cap. Nice quality for a freebie though!

The set consists of 4 colors : burgundy, navy, green and gold. I feel the color theme is very Christmas-y, no wonder because the magazine was out on December-January, so it was made for the sake of holiday spirit I guess lol. 

EMODA_swatch 1


Let's take a closer look on each color 

Burgundy is a deep, cool-toned, red. It's the kind of red that truly screams 'holiday!' so it was truly perfect for Christmas. But it's red anyway, it's a timeless color so you can wear it anytime anywhere right? It's quite opaque so I just need 2 swipes and I'm ready to go.


Navy is a dark blue color that is very eyecatching. It's super cool, I wear this color the most because blue is my favorite color and I love the edgy vibe that it brings. Has the greatest opacity and consistency among the other three. Love it <3


Green is more like mossy dark green color. It's very dark, so in room lighting it's quite hard to see the color, looking more like black instead. Compared with the other three Green's consistency is less good and somewhat watery. My least favorie of the set.


Gold  is a transparent polish with lots of chunky gold glitters. I have to say that gold is my favorite among the other three, it looks very luxurious and it blings beautifully, super gorgeous!  I still haven't found the substitute for a gold nail polish that looks like this, if you have any recommendation please suggest me one! The only downside is, like most glitter nail polish, this one is very very hard to remove. *sigh*



So overall, despite being a 'freebie', the quality is decent I think. Nice packaging and colors, plus it performs quite well, the consistency and opacity quite ok in a single swipe, I need only 2 swipes to fully cover my nails (except the green which is not as good as the other colors). It has quite glossy finish so actually still look fine without topcoat, but for these polishes you definitely need one. Why? because they will crack and peel within days without top coat and would look very ugly in the next week lol. So you definitely need a top coat to prolong the color and the staying power.

 I believe EMODA Cosmetic has their own nail polish collection, but not sure if it includes these colors --> http://www.emoda-japan.com/cosmetics/makeup/detail14.php Me too dunno where to get them if they run out.

No, please don't tell me to buy the same magazine twice for the sake of a nail polish set, I don't think I would do that lol


* Dry quickly
* Good opacity and consistency
* Decent packaging for a freebie
* Nice color selection : fits Christmas theme perfectly


* Doesn't last long
* Green looks too dark - almost like black
*  Now where should I get them if they run out? lol

Anyway I'm quite happy with my first encounter with EMODA and I'm looking forward to add more EMODA stuff to my collection.

Gonna save up for EMODA's Happy Bag next year!

This concludes today's post, must go to sleep because I have to go to work in the morning (Oh I hate Monday so so much!)


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  1. Hello Stefanie~!

    Salam kenal, kebetulan saya juga penyuka anime/manga Jepang terutama J-style & J-Pop nya ^^ saya baru tahu kalo EMODA populer banget di Jepang (karena selama ini bacanya Majalah CanCam dst --" )

    have a nice day xo


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