My name is Claren Stefanie, most people call me Claren for short.

I'm just a regular girl with passion towards art, beauty, Japanese culture and music. But I have quite big interest in make up, beauty products and fashion. I realized this since I was a child. I was always fascinated by lipstick and lipgloss that my mom bought. A visit to make up store and looking through Oriflame catalog was enough to make me spark in excitement lol

Growing up, my interests in beauty also grew bigger thanks to the internet. Back then I would have spent hours watching make up and beauty tutorials on Youtube.

But the weird part is, though I love make-up and beauty stuff, deep down inside I'm a tomboy. It's weird I know lol.  I mostly hung out with guys, who obviously didn't have any interest in make up and a few girlfriends who didn't wear one too. Hence I didn't have a friend to share this particular interest of mine, except my mother I guess.

I started my own blog in 2012. Initially I made a blog because I joined a make up competition, and to become a participant, I was required to have a blog. But I began to realize "Why not use blog to write about make up and other stuff?" To be honest, I didn't intend to direct my blog into a "beauty blog" ar anything specific, I just wanted things to go naturally.  To me back then, it didn't matter whether someone is reading my posts or not, I would just happily snap pictures, write about stuff and share it. If people find it helpful for them, then I'm grateful. I just wanted to have fun.

This blog is basically a place for me to do what I love. I'd like to share about a good stuff and my interests, I love taking pictures, and I love to meet new people with the same preferences. But it would also serve as my personal space, where I'm gonna write about my daily life and random stuff.

Aside of blogging, I currently work as a full-time graphic designer in a digital media company and I also do illustration too in my free time. Art and drawing is another big passion of mine, my life revolves around it, even more than beauty does. I promise I'll write more about drawing and art too here. ^_^ Japanese culture also has a big impact in my life, I love everything about Japan even though it tends to be weird sometimes. But that's what makes Japan is so awesome! Right now Japan mostly influences my make up and fashion style. Casual Japanese style and make up it is, mostly inspired by Honda Tsubasa and girls in GU catalog ^_^

I realize that blog is something personal, but it can not be just for me and about me , it's also for you. If you're looking for reviews to help you in deciding products to try, or even if you just want to talk about beauty and drawings, I hope I could be a help.

I'm also open for sponsorship, paid advertisements and event invitation to help to promote your products. Well I'm open for anything,  just drop me an email at clarenstefanie@yahoo.com anytime :)

Please note that I'm not a professional writer, nor I'm an expert in beauty and art department. This blog is made by love and fun only.

I appreciate your sincere comments and supports, believe me reading them made me smile. :)

I hope you enjoy your stay.