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by - Tuesday, August 08, 2017

For some people, wearing colorful eyeshadow can be quite intimidating sometimes. Sure, we're attracted to bright & fun colored eyeshadow palettes (well, who doesn't?) They're so dang pretty ! No wonder we keep adding them to our vanity stash again and again. ๐Ÿ˜

But one common problem about funky eyeshadow is : it's quite challenging to wear on daily basis and it requires mad skills!  Have you ever been in this situation : You happen to look at your pretty colorful neon palettes and then a sudden realization hits your mind 

 How the hell am I supposed to wear it and when?!

That scenario happened to me a lot in the past. I used to be attracted to colorful eyeshadows (especially blue and purple hues!). Whenever I spot pretty eyeshadow quads, I impulsively bought it, but they ended up just like that in my vanity table, barely touched. HAHA! My bad tho ๐Ÿ˜

Honestly, I'm not well-experienced with color eyeshadows, I'm now more into neutral shades and minimal makeup, and I tend to play safe with earthy colors (brown & taupe). I realize that a light wash of color can be fun sometimes, so I try incorporating it to my daytime makeup this time.

So in today's post I'd like to show you how I wear colorful eyeshadow for daytime #BeautyUndefeated look, featuring ULTIMA II newest makeup squad. So if you dare enough to step out of your comfort, stay tune!

Recently ULTIMA II launched new products for their Wonderwear series. ULTIMA II has been a reputable cosmetic brand for decades. Despite the long history, ULTIMA II never stop evolving and keeping up with the growth of beauty trends. Now ULTIMA II is known as a beauty brand that's suitable for young women with sophisticated and modern personality.

 ULTIMAII newest collection focuses on daring and bold colors for eye makeup. And here's what I got for today :

ULTIMA II Wonderwear Eye Posh Color Quad - ULTIMA II Wonderwear Crayon Cream Eye Posh- ULTIMA II Wonderwear Eye Posh Brow Filler - ULTIMA II Wonderwear Eye Posh Liquid Liner

Today I'm gonna play with these babies to create my daytime colorful makeup look, so let's take a look at the product first before we jump to the makeup process, OK?


Wonderwear Eye Posh Color Quad has 32 different colors divided in 8 beautiful sets. Packaged in sleek, mirror-like reflective case with dual applicator. I absolutely love the packaging, it's so elegant and luxurious! Definitely attention grabbing ๐Ÿ˜ My palette shade is LUCKY, which has refreshing green nuance that's perfect for colorful daytime makeup. Green gives a lively spring vibe and instantly makes the whole complexion awake and fresh just like a drop of morning dew, it's also a color that looks flattering on any skintone.

The palette consists of four colors of matte and shimmery shades with creamy blendable texture. It's also infused with collagen to make the color long-lasting while adding up some good benefits to your skin in eye area. I prefer to use my fingers because the soft & creamy texture is just perfect for finger-blending , but using a brush is also OK. It's only a matter of preference. ๐Ÿ‘Œ

As you can see here, the colors are not overly pigmented, but still you can build up the colors and use eyeshadow base to make it more intense. One thing that I like is : the shimmer is pretty subtle, so it's safe to be used in daytime.

Price : Rp 190.000 at ULTIMA II counter

Next, we have crayon eyeshadow (which has been quite trending lately!)


A cream shadow in pen form with 4 wonderful shades. (but I only have 3 now lol). Comes with semi-matte finish. It's waterproof, sweatproof and lasts up to 24 hours. It's very creamy, glides smoothly and easy to blend. The color payoff is also amazing, so you can use it as an eyeshadow base, stand-alone or ever eyeliner. It's also very practical because you only need to retract the pen to use it (bye bye sharpener!)

Dazzling - Dark plummy color, Outstanding - Teal Color, Blissful - Shimmery bronze color.

My favorite color? Definitely Dazzling and Blissful
Price : Rp 100.000 at ULTIMA II counter 



A liquid eyeliner with matte finish that can last up to 17 hours. It's super black so it's great for an intense eye make up. The eyeliner brush is flexible and thin, making it easy to draw precise line. Even though the brush is thin, it's not ticklish.  (don't you hate it when your eyeliner brush tickles you? ). It also dries fast and definitely didn't cause panda eyes. My current favorite right now

Price : Rp 150.000 at ULTIMA II counter  


Eyebrow pencil that lasts 10 hours, waterproof and smudgeproof. What I like from this product is : it's so easy to use, the thin pencil lead makes it easy and perfect to shape eyebrows. Plus, the result is pretty natural too. Not too bland, nor too pigmented, just perfect.

Price : Rp 120.000 at ULTIMA II counter 

So with products stated above, you can achieve both dramatic & natural makeup, up to your preference. As I promised before, here I present how I create my wearable colorful look for daytime. It's subtle yet refreshing look with a gentle wash of green and yellow, inspired by this LUCKY makeup look by ULTIMA II


Lastly, just a few tips on eyeshadows & colors. Again, I'm not an expert nor I'm well-experienced in makeup, but I'd like to share a few things that I often read when it comes to makeup and colors. Feel free to add your suggestion too!

* Color Wheel Theory - Understanding the color theory might be useful to pair your eyeshadow and make it work. There are few types of color harmony in color theory, the most popular is Complementary and Analogous color.


  • Complementary : Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel, creating striking contrast and vibrant look, however this is a little bit tricky to be applied in makeup, but it's great for a visual presentation (e.g. fashion statement look)
  • Analogous : Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. It's a color scheme that's mostly found in nature, so it's naturally harmonious & pleasing to the eyes. I use this color scheme to most of the time. In today's make up look, I pair green with peach & neutral colors to create the safest, balanced look. You can learn more about color theory here.

* Tone down the whole look - Let the color steal the show. Keep your lips, cheeks and outfit neutral. Don't be too matchy-matchy (e.g. green eyeshadow with green outfit) The key to rock colorful shades without looking too much is : create balance and be subtle.

* Be confident! - You've applied pretty colors on your eyes, so walk with your head up and be confident!

So here's for today's post. I hope it can inspire and help you in some ways. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any suggestion and input.


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