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by - Friday, June 30, 2017

Hello, it's been a while since my last Art Section post!

Again, time flies and now we're halfway through the year. Seasons passed and now we're welcoming the warm summer where sun shines the most intense and hydrangeas blooming here and there.

I was looking back to things that happened last year, back to when I felt so fulfilled and productive. Apparently this year things turn the opposite, even though I have been finally granted with something that I've been desperately longing for, not everything go as planned.

I felt so unproductive and undearchieved, both in my blogging and professional career. I constantly compared myself to others, which sometimes would lead me falling into endless insecurities and anxiety.

I'm not saying I'm depressed, I just don't feel 'present'.  I don't love what I'm doing anymore.

I tried to gain my determination back, so I picked a pencil and started drawing again. I wanted to create something. Even though if it's just a nonsense it's still better than not doing anything, that's what I thought.

Just a personal artwork after being inactive for quite a while :) Hydrangea is my favorite flower, though painting it was quite a challenge due to its complex shape and colors. I'm so glad to be able to draw again. It was quite therapeutic for my tired soul.

Step by step pictures. Sorry for the different quality, it was taken by different camera :) I mainly used wet-on-wet technique on this piece. Wet-on-wet is truly difficult to control!! But I'm getting the hang of it :)

Anyway, I received some questions on my Instagram about drawing tools (watercolor and paper brand, etc). I use Pentel, KOI and Holbein Watercolor. As for paper, I use Canson Montval. I suggest you to invest in good quality watercolor paper. Not the decent one, but the GOOD one, that's the deal maker or breaker right there.

Maybe I'm gonna talk more about watercolor and other tools on a  separate blog post. For a mean while, I present you : hydrangeas blooming in all their glory.

According to the language of flowers (Hana no Kotoba - 花のことば), Hydrangea (or Ajisai - 紫陽花in Japanese-) represents heartfelt emotions and pride. However, in negative sense it could also mean frigidity and coldness *cough* It's also represents the beginning of summer and rainy season in Japan. You can spot beautiful Hydrangea bush in Japan starting from June-July.

How can a beautiful flower like you have such complicated meaning?

Anyways, this is not in Japan, guys. Being quite lacking in the information department, I thought hydrangea only grows in Japan, or countries with 4 seasons. Turned out it also blooms beautifully in my own country! Well, I had to go extra miles to find it though lol. 

I lived in Jakarta all my life and I've never seen hydrangea grows here. I went to Malang for a short holiday and my boyfriend took me to a place called Coban Talun

And there I spotted a huge hydrangea playground

"a land of hydrangeas is real!" I exclaimed

OK now I sound like an obsessed person lol

Hydrangeas are lovely. It has unique characteristics. The color depends on the chemical composition of the soil. If the soil is alkaline, it will turn pink. If it's acidic, it will turn blue! So plin plan right! 😂

My personal tour guide 😅 

Flowers and all things pretty are the source of my inspiration when it comes to drawing. I've always been interested in feminine illustrations, not only because it's visually pleasing, but also... (I don't know how to put this) enchanting?

OK now I wonder what to draw next 😁

Anyways, have a nice summer and see you on the next Art Section post! 

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