JELLY x EMODA Spring Summer Collection 2016

by - Saturday, May 13, 2017

Why bother talking about 2016 items when it's 2017 already? And it's MAY! My God!! πŸ˜…

Actually this post already exists in my draft for soo long, maybe a year already. The reason why this post somehow gets neglected because I'm such a lazy-ass   of my hefty workload, so I was quite overwhelmed. *Sobs* Alright, let's continue before it becomes way too late than it already is ! lol 

I love Japanese magazines, not only because I love Japanese fashion and style, also because their images, layout and design are also pleasing to my eyes! But there's also something that I love more from Japanese magazine : they give amazing bonus and freebies (furoku). I've been buying JELLY Magazine several times because they've been collaborating with EMODA-a Japanese fashion brand, and they are releasing many interesting items!

Their collaboration is still running this year by releasing items in each season. I've been buying JELLY Magazine quite often, just for the sake of EMODA freebies LOL, I've shared my thoughts in previous blog post too.

(Read : EMODA X JELLY Rockabilly Dolls 2014 Nail Set)

I also bought their 2015 Spring Summer Collection but I didn't discuss it here on my blog, because their past collections only consisted of nail polish with different colors so I wasn't really tempted to talk about it. But last year they started to include makeup items in their collection. I was immediately sold upon knowing that, and without fuss I placed my order at Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan.

One funny thing about JELLY magazine, and the majority of Japanese magazines, they always come out way earlier than the issued month. For example, May issue comes out in March, September issue comes out in July and so on. If you're in Japan you can easily buy them at bookstore or 7Eleven when they come out, but unfortunately for outsiders a little patience is required. As for me when I pre-ordered at Kinokuniya, I had to wait in accordance to the issued month,  I couldn't book the magazine in advance even though it's already available in Japan.

JELLY x EMODA Spring Summer Collection 2016 consists of May and September Edition. Apparently make up is their highlight this time, so they include makeup items in each edition.
To conclude the whole Spring-Summer collection, I'm gonna make a quick review of 2 collections at once.


One set included : 2 nail polish, 1 Milky Lip Gloss & 1 Lip & Cheek Cream.
The magazine also concludes nail and makeup tutorial too, which is great for inspiration in case I'm stuck with no ideas lol.

The color scheme of this collection is not very summery I think except for the orange, maybe it's still meant for spring (May? Spring? really xD) Nevertheless, the color suits both season and it's quite versatile to be used anytime.

JELLY x EMODA Nail Color - Orange Sunset & Aurora Pearl
( ネむルカラー γ‚ͺγƒ¬γƒ³γ‚Έγ‚΅γƒ³γ‚»γƒƒγƒˆ & γ‚ͺーロラパール)

Nail polish is an item that has been repeatedly added to JELLY x EMODA Collection. This time they include only two colors : Orange Sunset & Aurora Pearl.

Orange Sunset is a bright peachy orange color that pretty much reminds me of Tequila Sunrise, while Aurora Pearl is a clear polish with sparkly white shimmers and chunky mermaid scale glitters. The color payoff is quite great and can be built up by layering repeatedly. Both polish can be worn alone or together, I personally prefer to wear the Orange alone, because I don't like how it turns out when both polish combined πŸ˜‚

One thing I don't like about this nail polish is it tends to thicken quickly over time. My previous EMODA X JELLY polishes suffered the same fate too, most of then ended up thickening to the point that it couldn't be used anymore. *sigh*

 JELLY x EMODA Cheek & Lip Cream - Pure Red
(γ‚―γƒͺγƒΌγƒ γ‚·γƒΌγ‚― & γƒͺップス - ピγƒ₯γ‚’・レッド )

One of the item that immediately catches my attention is this Lip & Cheek Cream! I'm a fan of cream cheek, and the fact that this can be used on lips too is making it more intriguing. And as expected, this become my favorite of the bunch!

The texture is pretty much like a lip balm. I didn't expect this lip & cheek cream to be moisturizing.  The final result looks slightly glossy on lips but it gives a really natural flushed look. It makes my dead lips look alive again. And on the cheeks it looks lovely too, perfect for you who just want natural rosy cheeks or if you're feeling a little braver, you can build up the color for more vibrant ponpon cheeks (girls in Tokyo love this kind of cheek so much). 

JELLY x EMODA Lip Gloss - White Milky
(EMODA γƒͺップグロス γƒ›γƒ―γ‚€γƒˆ・γƒŸγƒ«γ‚­γƒΌ )

Ever notice why Japanese girls often seen with healthy-looking plump lips ? The secret is : Milky lip gloss. I don't mean to generalize but some of Japanese lip gloss tends to give plumper & juicier effect on lips, probably because most of them has some kind of milky texture like this.

The texture is quite sticky and it smells like a toy (it smells like plastic, if you know what I mean).
As you can see it has some kind of milky texture to it, and it's colorless.

JELLY x EMODA Lip Cheek Cream + Milky Gloss on top

Add this on top of your lipstick, voila, instant plump lips!

Overall look using JELLY X EMODA Lip & Cream + Milky Gloss. The rosy, healthy pinky radiance is perfect for sping time, isn't it?  🌸

JELLY X EMODA SPRING SUMMER 2016 - September Edition

The reason why I bought this is because the bonus are all makeup items (no more nail polish, yay!). Plus this collection is so refreshing, very summer like. Yellow and blue lip gloss, bright orange cream cheek, pretty much feels like a refreshing drink in the middle of the summer heat, right?

This set consists of : 2 Lip Gloss, Lip & Cheek Cream & Eyeshadow

JELLY x EMODA Eyeshadow 

For the first time since their first collaboration back in 2014, JELLY x EMODA finally includes eyeshadow in their collection. One of the reason why this collection was so hyped back then during the launch.πŸ˜€The eyeshadow is quite small, only the size of a single eyeshadow and it's divided into two colors : shimmery copper color & matte brown color.

The eyeshadow quality isn't bad at all, which quite surprised me. Despite being a freebie, this eyeshadow has a nice smooth texture, not to mention that it also has great pigmentation & color payoff. As you can see here in the picture below, the color slays! The copper color glows beautifully without being over the top and the matte brown complements the copper nicely.

See? Not bad! 😍 The only downside is this eyeshadow tends to have lots of fallouts. But not much to the point that it irks me. Still very tolerable 

EMODA x JELLY Lip Gloss - Magic Yellow & Magic Blue
 (EMODA γƒͺップグロス - γƒžγ‚Έγƒƒγ‚―γ‚€γ‚¨γƒ­γƒΌ & γƒžγ‚Έγƒƒγ‚―ブルー)

Next is the item that steals attention the most : Yellow and Blue lip gloss! What can I say? They're so pretty! Definitely not something that you get to see everyday in normal makeup stash, right?  The yellow one here looks so unusually bright & screams "Summer!" perfectly while it actually left me wondering how this would actually look on my lips.

This blue gloss reminds me so much of ramune drink! It looks so refreshing! Never seen a blue gloss before. This is also the reason why I bought this magazine. The blue gloss is just too tempting to resist.

But when applied on lips, the blue doesn't look too overpowering, it only gives a slight bluish tone when applied on top of your lipstick. The same goes for yellow gloss,

EMODA Cheek & Lip Cream - Spanish Orange
(EMODA γ‚―γƒͺγƒΌγƒ γ‚·γƒΌγ‚―& γƒͺップス - スパニッシγƒ₯γ‚ͺレンジ)

Lip & Cheek Cream again! This time it's bright orange color. Compared to the red one, it's less moisturizing, less balmy and has more subdued finish. I prefer to use this on my cheek instead because the color looks a bit off on my lips. Nevertheless, I still love it and I'm using it on daily basis as a cream blush.

Just a quick comparison between two colors

And this is the overall look using EMODA x JELLY Spring Summer Collection - September Edition. I'm using the eyeshadow, Lip & Cheek Cream on my cheek and lips, and top it off with the yellow gloss.

As always, EMODA collaborations with JELLY never disappoint and I love them to bits. They're having another Summer Spring collection for 2017, and I've placed my order too! Once it's on my hands I promise I'll review it IN TIME! Please wait for EMODA x JELLY Spring-Summer 2017 Edition!

So that's a wrap for today,see you on next blog post! 
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