JAPAN SHOPPING HAUL 2016 ! (Snacks + Drugstore Madness)

by - Monday, January 16, 2017

Hello! It's been ages since my last haul post, I was contemplating whether to write about this but I want to keep a track of my purchases (and my snack stock ๐Ÿ˜œ), plus I haven't written anything about my Japan trip, so yeah here it is.

As many of you might know, I went to Japan last November, stayed there for roughly 5 days ( SO SHORT) and spent half of my life savings there. *crying in silence* 

Because when you're in Japan. YOU. JUST. CAN'T. RESIST. TO SHOP.

Everything there is to die for, I swear!

Even convenience stores & drugstores are so appealing, I just couldn't resist the temptation to go inside, just to pick a snack or two, or simply admiring the products there (while holding on the wallet tightly).

Before I went to Japan I told myself to shop smart, I bought extra cash for preventive case only. But then what? The moment I arrived there my wall of protection crumbled down.

 "Oohhhh..I shall indulge myself into this land of temptation and not worry about anything else. The heck, only God knows when I'll be back again SO BYE MONEY."

So that's how I fucked up my life (and bank account)

Can you imagine my pain carrying heavy ass luggage filled with these stuff, going up and down the stairs, running all the way chasing trains? I thought I've broken my arm there. I immediately unloaded my baggage the moment I reached home. (it was 6 am in the morning!)

Everything unloaded. (Sorry for the bad quality pic)

1 Japanese Yen (1ๅ††) = IDR 126 at the time of my departure.
(Please prepare a calculator beforehand)


Surprisingly I didn't buy many makeup items, which I deeply regret now. Japanese cosmetics are much more expensive in Indonesia. For example, DUP Eyelashes Fixer in Japan is only 680ๅ††, which is only about IDR 85.000 if you convert it to Rupiah current rate (1 JPY = IDR 115). But if you buy it in online shop or official retailers at mall, the price goes up to Rp 120.000-Rp 160.000. CRAZY AH. IMPORTED STUFF ARE CRAZY EXPENSIVE.

Lesson learned : when you spot good stuff, just grab it!!

Japanese drugstores are simply paradise for beauty enthusiasts and makeup lovers. Some big stores even have 3 floors dedicated for cosmetics only. Drugstore in Japan doesn't only sell pharmacies but also cosmetics, skincare, even snacks, pretty much like Watsons or Guardian in terms of product range but in much bigger scale.  The first time I went to Matsumoto Kiyoshi, I nearly died, I could hear angels are coming down. IT WAS PURE HEAVEN!! I was really impressed by the variety of cosmetic brands and beauty products available there. I've never been that enthusiastic upon entering a shop in all my life, not even Sephora can make me feel that way. I'm so biased LOL

So here's what I bought. Compared to  most Japan shopping haul that you've seen on the internet, this is..quite..plain.



Kanebo Evita Beauty Whip Soap (1200ๅ††/bottle)

Do you know about a facial cleanser that can dispense foam in a shape of rose?  Well, it's Kanebo Evita! This facial foam is super popular ever since it got viral on the internet, I searched for it in every drugstore but they were all sold out already. I was quite shocked, was the internet impact really big LOL? But thank God I accidentally stumbled upon this at Donki Asakusa. Realizing that this facial foam is a rare gem, I bought 2 so I won't feel sorry later when it runs out. Apparently this was selling real fast like hotcakes, even each customer was limited to buy only 5 bottle per person. Crazy, right? 

Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip (430ๅ†† each)

This is probably the most popular Japanese drugstore item. A lot of people say that this is a must buy if you're in Japan. Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip is actually a daily facial foam that's known for super fuwa-fuwa and rich foam. I'm currently using it and loving it to bits. Another great thing is it's not expensive at all,  and trust me it's huge, it can last for months. Definitely a great steal (so I ended up buying 3)

Rapunzel Lip Cream -  300
Marie Cheek Color - 500 ๅ††

Aside of cute pouches, Tsum-Tsum and Ufufy, Disney Japan has makeup items and toiletries too! And surprisingly the price was quite OK,  I'm not sure about the quality but I assume it's a decent one. The packaging is to die for, right? Especially that Marie Cheek Color. I bought these at Disney Store in Shinsaibashi-suji, Osaka.

Hada Labo Shirojyun Set - Shittori Lotion & Milk (700ๅ††/bottle)
Detclear Fruits Peeling Jelly (800ๅ††/ bottle)
Pure Smile Royal Jelly Mask (350ๅ††)
Choosy Milk Lip Mask (87ๅ††)

Moving on to skincare section, I bought Hada Labo Shirojyun Lotion & Milk set, simply because I loooove Hada Labo and I want to know if it's different from Hada Labo that's sold in Indonesia. The best thing is, the price is not much different than Hada Labo in Indonesia, but you get more product. ( The bottle is bigger lol)

Next is Detclear Fruits Peeling Jelly. Because the infamous Cure Natural Aqua Gel is too expensive, I gotta find cheaper alternative. Detclear is only 800ๅ††, while Cure is about 2500ๅ†† something. (I just can't waste 2500ๅ†† on a peeling gel.) Surprisingly Detclear works very well too! It's my favorite peeling gel at the moment, Gonna restock once it runs out.

Pure Smile & Choosy Mask are just random stuff I grabbed because it's cheap. Choosy Lip Mask is only 87ๅ†† ! One thing I deeply regret is I didn't buy other sheet mask like Lululun or KOSE Clear Turn Face Mask, Lululun is a bit expensive but KOSE Clear Turn Mask is only 380ๅ†† about per-pack with 5 masks inside, One mask is less than ceban. How could I miss such great deal????

Liese Prettia Bubble Hair Color in Cool Ash (700ๅ††)
Palty Foam Hair Color in Kurumi Latte Ash (700ๅ††)

Can't skip drugstore without grabbing a box or two of bubble hair dye. I love bubble hair dye because it's quick and convenient. So many colors and brands I want to try but in the end I only bought two. These stuff sure are bulky so I have to limit myself, for the sake of my luggage space *sobs*

Fernanda Maria Regale Linen Spray - (1500ๅ††)

I've never heard of this brand before, I randomly stumbled upon this at Donki. I was hooked at first sniff, it smells amazing!!! It's not a perfume but I'm still using it on my clothes anyway.

Je L'aime Amino Set - Shampoo & Treatment ( 980ๅ††/bottle)

It's simply the prettiest shampoo I've ever had. Just look at the refreshing blue and pretty details on the bottle!  Je L'aime is available in Indonesia just recently through KOSE Cosmeport, but sadly they don't carry whole Je L'aime line to Indo, plus the price is waaaay too expensive.  In Japan, Je L'aime is only 900ๅ†† for 500ml, which I think it's quite a reasonable price.

Did I tell you that it also smells amazing? 

DAISO Eyelid Tape Clear
DAISO Eyelashes
SHO-BI Sailor Mercury Eyelashes
KATE Eyebrow Color
DAISO Eyelash Fixer
DHC Lip Cream
Disney Store Rapunzel Lip Cream & Marie Cheek Color
KATE Mineral BB Cream
DUP Eyelashes Fixer EX

And lastly, a few random makeup items. One thing I regret is, again I DIDN'T BUY MUCH MAKEUP. *sigh* I didn't know why I was so picky that time. Like, when I came across Canmake & KATE sale at drugstore, I was like "I still have many cream blushes!" or "I still have many lipsticks at home!" Just WTF. 

I went back and forth to drugstores every single day (yeah, I went to random drugstore everyday lol) but I didn't find any Sailor Moon eyeliner. Am I seriously that missing out? But at least I found SHO-BI Sailor Mercury Eyelashes ๐Ÿ’• 

My favorite purchase among these makeup items are DHC Lip Cream and KATE Mineral Mask BB Cream.  DHC Lip Cream was my life saver during my trip in Japan. As someone who has never been in a place with such low temperature before, my lips were so dry to the point that it chapped, swell, cracked open and gloriously bleeding. And DHC Lip Cream magically moisturized my lips and restored my lips condition to its original state. If I could be honest with you, it's the best lip moisturizer I've ever tried. 

As for KATE BB Cream, I bought it because it was on sale for only 999ๅ†† !! Turn out it's quite a great product, especially if you're looking for a light, good coverage BB Cream with yellow tone. I love Japanese BB Cream because it matches perfectly with my skintone, while most of Korean BB Creams look greyish on my face ๐Ÿƒ. 


As a beauty blogger it's such a shame that my snack haul is more tremendous than my makeup haul. I had this bad habit of buying impulsively when it comes to food a.k.a jajan. I was a picky bitch at cosmetic and fashion stores, and then transformed into someone possessed with gluttony when I entered snack shop "HERE HERE HERE TAKE MY MONEY"

This popped out in my mind the moment I went home. OH GOD WHY DIDN'T YOU
I'm not putting everything here because it would be tooo manyy!! Just some major purchase, OK?

POCKY & PRETZ ( About 1000ๅ††/giant box and 280ๅ††/regular box )
Pocky & Pretz are something that's definitely hard to miss! Especially the giant ones with unique flavors. I bought Dream Pocky and Giant Takoyaki Pretz in Osaka (my friend said it's some kind of must-buy omiyage if you visit Osaka). Also, I found packaged Pretz with so many flavors and Tokyo map printed on it. Unfortunately I didn't find another unique flavor of these, or I was just seriously missing out. ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Giant Dream Pocky for omiyage or for your personal pleasure, it's such a dream in a box ! ๐ŸŒŸ

Some big boxes - Kyoto Pudding Cake, Tokyo Banana, Pretz, Bunmeido Tokyo Honey Castella Cake

Bunmeido is one of the most famous snack shop in Japan. They're known for making the most delicious Castella Cake in Japan. Not sure if the claim was true but the castella cake was indeed yummy! The soft and moist castella texture meets rich honey flavor, just thinking about it makes me drool wtf 

I even dedicated one photoshoot for Bunmeido Castella Cake. Because it's too precious ๐Ÿ˜ญ

snacks after being packed into one bag

And... I purposely brought an entire bag dedicated to snacks only. (TALK ABOUT DEDICATION LOL) I put smaller & fragile snacks such as Kit Kat, instant noodles, candies and biscuits there so I can carry them to the cabin. I was quite worried my snack bag wouldn't be allowed inside because it was quite big, but apparently the cabin crew didn't give a damn about it. Smuggling mission : SUCCESS!


No matter how much I love Japanese fashion brands, their stuff are too expensive for me. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I didn't bring many winter clothes from Indonesia, so I had to buy some (or I'll be freezing to death lol) Because I can't afford branded clothes, I just stick with the most affordable (yet stylish brand), GU ๐Ÿ˜ฌ It's super affordable, this full outfit below costs me only 6500ๅ†† or about IDR 820.000 (for 3 items!!) . Even in Jakarta we can't get a coat for under IDR 1 million, right?

GU Chester Coat + Knit + Salopette = about 6500 ๅ†† in total



Lastly, random toys and souvenirs from Disney Store, Square Enix ARTNIA & Kiddy Land. Most of them are for my friends. I only bought Dumbo Ufufy, Squall Leonhart Phone Strap and Oshawott Towel from Pokemon Centre for myself.

Disney Ufufy - Dumbo (700 ๅ††)

Disney Ufufy is a new set of plushies released by Disney Japan. Unlike Tsum-Tsum, Ufufy is bigger, about the size of my palm and it can stand right on its own.  It's sooooo fluffy, soo round and sooo lovable!! It smells really good too, apparently it has some kind of fragrance balls hidden inside (you can feel it when you touch it). Ufufy is only released in Japan so be sure not to miss out, especially if you're a Disney fan.

I picked Dumbo because it's simply the most adorable among other Ufufy characters. I mean, look at that tiny trunk. Uhh ๐Ÿ’˜ 

EH BLOOD??? -->   I wiped my bleeding lips with my hand. Ehe

Starbucks Japan Christmas Edition Tumblr - 1800ๅ††

IT'S THE CUTEST STARBUCKS TUMBLR I'VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!! I found this at Starbucks Tsutaya in Dotonbori - Osaka. I'm glad that I bought it because I didn't find it anywhere else!


Phew! The post gets longer that it should be! Well, that concludes my haul post today! I bought my stuff mostly at DAISO in Takeshita Street, Don Quijote (Donki) in Asakusa, Matsumoto Kiyoshi and random drugstores & konbinis. I visited many Donki along the way but I think Asakusa branch is the best because it has sooooo many snacks and so many stuff that you can't find in other Donki. And as for Daiso, it sells everything ranging from snacks, seasonings, cosmetics, household items, stationeries ,you name it for only 100 yen each. You can buy cheap omiyage for your colleagues there too lol

Since it's my very first time visiting this land of temptation, I don't know much about the cheapest shop there or if I can recommend a place to shop to you. In fact, I missed a lot of good shopping spot (SHIBUYA 109, La Foret, LUMINE, It's Demo, Loft, etc) I want to cry everytime I remember all good places that I didn't get to visit. If you have any recommendation about shops or cool stuff to buy in Japan, please leave your suggestion at the comment box below. I'd love to know!!

If I ever get the chance to visit Japan again, maybe I'll just stay and explore Tokyo fully. Tokyo was huge and I think Tokyo has so many amazing things that even staying for 7 days cannot cover. As much as I want to visit other cities, Tokyo always has a special spot in my heart. The bright neon boards, the flashy alleyway, the busy streets, the illumination, shopping centres, and everything that I imagined about Japan since I was a kid..was in Tokyo.

Tokyo, wait for me again, will you?

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