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Alright, this one is way TOOO LATE, due to my bad timing management, this post has been neglected in the draft for so long. Actually this is a winter item and now Sakura has fully bloomed, which means spring has come already! Way too late, way too late~ I'm sorry *sobs*

So today I'm going to share about products that I bought in early January during the Fukubukuro Season in Japan! Fukubukuro has always been something that's eagerly awaited every end of the year in Japan. People will fill up the stores and queue to get Fukubukuro from their favorite shops. Of course I didn't go to Japan and bought it lah lol, I used the help of online merchant that sells imported stuff from Japan, I bought it from Miaw Lens.

What is Fukubukuro anyway?

Fukubukuro (福袋) or  LUCKY BAG is actually a bag or package released by brands or merchants filled with random items and sold for discounted price.
In short, you pay for stuffs released by particular brand with super cheap price, but the items are random, you can't choose the item you get. Fukubukuro from popular Japanese fashion brands such as LIZ LISA, Ank Rouge, CECIL McBEE and cosmetics such as DOLLY WINK, Canmake & Shiseido are very in high demand!

Typical Fukubukuro hunting in Japan
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But Fukubukuro is not always about cosmetics and fashion brands. Snacks, books, toys, coffee even electronic brands like Apple sells Fukubukuro as well!  It's a great steal really, you can have lots of items inside your bag and the total price is a lot cheaper than buying the items separately. The fun thing about Fukubukuro is you won't know what's inside your bag unless you buy it and open it at home, so it's more like a mystery bag instead of lucky bag I think lol. I know this kind of 'lucky bag' would probably make you worried, but you won't get zonk items, really. That's Japan for you.

So I bought CANMAKE Fukubukuro as a New Year Present for myself. Simply because I love Canmake & this one is the most affordable among other lucky bags :'DDD

This is my first lucky bag so I'm so nervous when I open it! All items are placed inside a small paper bag secured with nothing but a single tape ^^; Thank God no item is missing or spilled during the shipment, duh.

I got four items in total, I saw other girls got 5 items, some of them even got Cream Cheek &  Powder Blush.  I guess I wasn't lucky enough then :'(

So these are what I got. Let's take a look at each item !

1. Canmake Perfect Black Eyeliner

Probably my most favorite item inside the bag! I'm so happy to get this because my eyeliner is running out, so I don't need to buy a new one. It's a marker-type liquid liner like Dolly Wink, and just like what it claims to be : jet-black and very convenient to use. Anyway, the packaging box is way too big & too cute for a single eyeliner, right? I don't mind with that though, the only thing I don't like about the packaging is the font. Why does it have to be something that looks like Lucida Calligraphy?

2. Canmake Four Shiny Eyes Eyeshadow Palette in 01

Japanese eyeshadows are about glitters, glitters and glitters. Including this one! It's so sparkly, hence the name is 'Shiny Eyes" I like the color though, pink and brown is such a sweet combination!

3. Canmake Candy Wrap Lip in Lady Strawberry

This is also my favorite item inside my bag, because I've been wanting to own Candy Wrap Lip. I fell in love with it the moment I tried it at Guardian. It's not like the regular lip gloss, it's non-sticky, very juicy & jelly-like, instantly makes you look like Popteen model ah. I'm glad that I got the red one, because I can pair it with Canmake Cream Cheek in CL01. 

4. Canmake Jewel Glitter Nail in 02

From the most favorite, we're going to the least. It's not that the nail polish is bad, but I prefer to have solid color nail polish instead of glittery top coat. It would be better if I get Cream Cheek or blush instead of nail polish though.

So in total I spent about IDR 310.000 (shipping fee & tax from Japan + shipping to my address included) for 4 items, but actual price in Japan is only 700円 ( 1円 = IDR 108), which is about IDR 82.000. Please note that Canmake price in Japan and Indonesia is different. Of course it's a lot cheaper to buy it in Japan because we do not have to pay for tax & shipping fee, so if you happen to visit Japan during the Fukubukuro season, be sure to not miss one.

Compared to buying the items separately at Canmake stores in Indonesia, IDR 300.000 for 4 items is still a very good deal, because one item can cost about IDR 150.000 here. I haven't seen Perfect Black Liner & Jewel Glitter Nails in Canmake Indonesia stores, so I don't know if all items in Canmake Fukubukuro are available here.

Overall I'm quite happy with my Canmake Fukubukuro, and I'm also happy that my Canmake collection is getting bigger yay~ I'd like to buy Fukubukuro again this year, maybe fashion Fukubukuro like EMODA & Wego if I happen to have enough money.

Have you bought any Lucky Bag before? Be sure to save up some money to get lucky bags at the end of the year. It's OK to splurge a bit, right?

See you on my next post,

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  1. asik banget mak jadi orang jepang sana, syurgaaa mekap, mana kyut kyut . . .

    1. Iyaaa, bisa kalap mak liat make up di sanaa *__*

  2. Aku pakai eyelinernya Canmake, oke punyaaa!


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