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by - Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hi! Today I'd like to fill my Art Section that I've promised before. Last night I couldn't sleep so I decided to draw a bit using my Wacom tablet, which I haven't done in quite a  while. Phew, I really miss drawing, but working hours just keep me away from it. Drawing is like, a thing that keeps me stay sane. Sometimes I wish time would stop so it would allow me to draw happily without any distraction.

This past weeks has been filled with so many sad news following deaths of many talented artists. Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead was the first, then followed by David Bowie just 2 weeks after, and the most recent is Alan Rickman, our beloved Professor Snape from Harry Potter Series. Ironically, they're all from England, aged 69, and all caused by cancer. What a great loss, really.

But the most shocking of all was probably the news of David Bowie's passing. Not many knew he had cancer, he just celebrated his birthday and released his newest album just a few days prior his death, so we thought he was as lively and healthy as he ever was. I was shocked too, I had no idea that he was sick.

To be frankly speaking I'm not a "die - hard fan" of Bowie (you know, like collecting his posters and stuff, something like that) But I've always enjoyed his music and admired his eccentric charisma, thanks to my dad. Bowie was my dad's generation, I remember my dad often played Under Pressure (Queen's duet with Bowie) on our stereo back then when I was so little.

Bowie's artistic persona contributes to the fashion & music culture they way we know today. Rockin' alien make up since 1969, he's a trend-setter and pioneer, no wonder he is someone very influential because of what he started. Though I'm more interested in his younger, eccentric persona and alter-egos, I still appreciate his recent work very much. Now watching his newest videos while relating them to his death, is heartbreaking. Because in his recent music video, it's quite clear somehow, that he was not well, yet he is still fighting and working hard for the sake of his work.

Just when I was looking for news about his funeral, I found out that he has been secretly cremated shortly after his death, and his final resting place has been kept secret by his families. He refused to be immortalized in a monument, instead he wants to be remembered for his work. He just wants to disappear, with his legacy going on. Wow, that blew my mind away.

And then I made this drawing, this was somehow unplanned. This was from his video "Life on Mars?". This is probably one of the most iconic look of  David Bowie (the most of the most iconic one was the thunder bolt makeup lol), and my most favorite too. With striking contrast of orange hair and sleek pastel blue suit, mismatched blue eyes and eccentric blue makeup, can't help but think that he himself is a form of art.

This wasn't meant to be a detailed artwork anyway, so harsh blends are here and there. Though it was meant as a doodle at first, I still needed 3 hours to do this, phew.

This is my personal tribute to David Bowie.
And I will keep listening to his music and admiring his wonderful, artistic charm

Fly away Sir, now you're a starman waiting in the sky
Thank you for being a source of inspiration. Your legacy will live on.


"Here I am floating round my tin can..

Far above the moon, Planet Earth is blue

and there's nothing I can do.."

See ya,

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