Benefit Is Now Coming to Luxola Indonesia! + POREfessional & Hervana review

by - Saturday, October 17, 2015

Hi ladies, a good news for you today, a quirky and fun cosmetic brand from San Fransisco is now available online! 

The clue is.. the brand is famously known for their quirky, attractive & fun vintage style packaging that makes us go "damn I want them all!!"And they have the most creative taglines too!

...and the product is widely loved by beauty junkies out there, Benetint, High Beam and POREfessional were the cults back then (and they still are).


Yes, I'm talking about BENEFIT! And now Benefit products are just a click away on Luxola Indonesia!

 Actually I don't need to give you a clue at all since the title says it all, right? lol

I know how much you girls love online shopping, because who doesn't? It's hassle-free, just a few clicks and the product will arrive at your door step. Saya sendiri juga hobi online shopping dan lebih nyaman beli kosmetik dari online store dibandingkan langsung datang ke toko. Tapi sayangnya nggak semua online shop menawarkan keamanan & kenyamanan dalam belanja kan? Kita harus ekstra jeli & hati-hati memilih online shop yang terpercaya. Banyaknya kasus penipuan dan produk palsu bikin kita deg-deg ser, and of course we don't want to be one of the victims, do we?

 One of the trusted online shop for your beauty needs is Luxola. Luxola adalah salah satu beauty store online terbesar di Asia Tenggara, mereka punya macem-macem produk dari berbagai beauty brands, salah satunya Benefit! Plus jangan takut, kosmetik & skincare yang ada di Luxola 100% authentic so pastinya bukan abal-abal.

Talking about my shopping experience, the shopping process on Luxola is easy and understandable even for newbies,  tinggal pilih produk yang kamu mau dan klik 'BELI' untuk menambahkan produk ke keranjang belanja.

Setelah puas lihat-lihat dan belanja-belanjanya, kita bisa langsung proses ke check-out dengan mengklik 'BELI SEKARANG' di keranjang belanja kita, setelah itu kita akan didirect ke halaman pembayaran

Kamu bisa pilih salah satu dari sekian metode pembayaran yang ada, bahkan bisa bayar langsung di tempat saat barang datang lho. Plus, shipping fee alias ongkirnya gratis jika kamu berbelanja Rp 200.000 atau lebih.

Nah setelah melakukan pembayaran,  tinggal duduk cantik deh nunggu paket kita dateng. The shipping is very fast I swear, I ordered & made the payment on the afternoon and my stuff arrived the morning after. Ngga bermaksud lebay tapi mungkin ini delivery tercepat yang pernah aku terima lolol

So tadaa, here's what I got from Luxola! Benefit Hervana & POREfessional!

Benefit products have the most adorable and iconic packaging ever that makes Benefit, well, Benefit. Who doesn't like to own cute stuff? That's why I love staring at them on my table lol

Right?? Benefit is so cute that it doesn't need much effort to be gorgeously instagramable lol

First, I got Benefit POREfessional. It's one of the best selling item from Benefit, also the most famous one. POREfessional is a face primer to minimize the appearance of pores, making skin appear smooth. I've been wanting to try this for so long, since I saw many beauty bloggers swear that this tiny stuff does miracle to their pores. Well but I got myself the mini size first (7.5 ML) to see whether it works on me or not.

POREfessional comes in a classic tube with cardboard outer box. They even take the mini packaging seriously! That POREfessional action figure is so cute!!!

Though mini POREfessional only contains 7.5 ml of product, it's not a problem since you only need this amount because a little goes a long way! Well, POREfessional is not meant to be used all over the face though, just lightly tap the balm using fingertips on areas with large pores and scars.

 It feels like balm at first but then it turns into some kind of powdery feeling. It dries into velvety, smooth, powdery finish that doesn't feel sticky. Once it's set, you can layer foundation over it.

So is POREfessional truly a magic? Let the pictures do the talking!

POREfessional definitely does blurring my pores and acne scars, making my skin appear smoother. It also mattifies and dulls the shine on my face, so it's great for oily skin like mine.  The result is not dramatic (my scars are still there) but it makes a noticeable difference, as you can see my pores and scars look somewhat diffused out. I love it especially when I apply foundation on top of it, my skin looks much smoother and flawless (with pores and acne scars as much as i have, can I be happy I have 'flawless' skin now? lol)

I believe the result would be more wonderful on people who doesn't have pores and scars as big as mine. Since my pores and acne holes are quite big, it's impossible to make them compeletely invisible. POREfessional only helps to 'fill' the hole, creating smoother canvas so makeup would look better.

Next one, I have HERVANA!

 I've been wanting to try the infamous and widely worshiped Box o' Powder. Among all shades available, Hervana is one who catches my attention most. I'm a sucker for pink blush I guess lol

Hervana comes in sturdy cardboard with built-in mirror and small angled brush inside. The angled brush is made of natural bristles, not too soft & a little rough actually but it does a good job in picking up products and the angled shape makes it easier to apply straight to the cheekbones.

Described as 'Good Karma Face Powder' with orchid blossom blush, Hervana is definitely something to die for. Hervana has 4 shades of cheek color inside in a swirly pattern, starting from deep berry hue, warm pink, coral and light beige. We just need to swirl the colors altogether for an instant angelic look <3

The texture of the blush itself is a little hard & not powdery so it might be difficult to pick up the color. Well, the color itself is very subtle and sheer I must say, so I need swirl my brush and layer the blush several times to get the intensity that I want.

Here's how Hervana look on my cheeks. At first I was afraid it will be too shimmery on me, but turned out the shimmer was almost unnoticeable, instead Hervana gives me a natural pinkish flush without looking too much. I love the satin-y finish that Hervana has, it gives my cheeks a healthy glow.
I think the pink hue would look flattering on any skin tones, and since it looks subtle and natural its suitable for many occassions. 

I think I've died and attained Hervana

In a nutshell, I understand why Benefit products are so much loved by many. Their quirky and fun concept is so clever and most importantly, the product works well too!

 Want to buy one for yourself? Be sure to browse the wide range of Benefit products only on Luxola!

 Have fun shopping!

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