REVIEW : Shu Uemura brow:sword & Cream Eyeshadow

by - Monday, September 14, 2015

Hi everyone, it's time to review two products that I received from Shu Uemura event which you can read the entry here, I'm sorry for the delay T_T I've been really busy with work these past weeks, I even have to work on weekend, fml

So, I got Shu Uemura brow:sword which is just launched recently, and a cream eyeshadow! Woot!!

Honestly I was so excited when I received these babies, well I don't normally use Shu Uemura you know lol, even though these are not the first Shu products I use. My first (and the only) Shu Uemura product I've tried back then was the UV Mousse Base.

Let's start with the brow:sword first

Shu Uemura brow:sword in Acorn

"1st pre-shaped naginata brow pencil. easy and soft, yet precise and defined. the beautiful smooth texture allows for easy drawing and with a pre-set sharpener precision that comes naturally. the convenient brush tip also helps blending for a beautiful, perfectly finish brow look. "

brow:sword is very unique, it's shaped like naginata (Japanese weapon that resembles spear, often used by woman in historical animes lol). The slanted tip shape makes it easy & quick to fill the brows, however the tip is quite wide so it might be a little hard if you want to make a super thin & precise eyebrow, but I guess brow:sword is not for that purpose. It's targeted for more defined, natural finish without looking too much.

It's packaged in a sleek black pen. Very clean and professional looking

I was surprised that this sleek, thin black pen holds secret compartments inside, I feel like building a Gundam kit lol

This is how it looks like when everything is detached lol

Twist off the font cap (the long one), and retract to reveal the 'sword'. The back cap is where the spoolie is and the most surprising (for me) is it actually has a sharpener inside! I wouldn't have known it if I didn't read the instruction leaflet inside the box lol

It doesn't look like a sharpener I know, I was very confused at first. Turned out the usage is very easy, just slide the pencil between the 'groove', and your 'sword' will be sharp again

I find that a kit like this is very convenient, especially for travelling. Just slide it inside your make up pouch, no need to bring separated sharpener and brow spoolie.

So the packaging got an A from me, how about the performance?

To use it just simply twist the pen, and the sword will be revealed. I got my shade in acorn, it's a dark brown with neutral tone,  it's darker than my current hair color though but since it's neutral it still blends nicely. I hate it when brow pencil is often way too red, it doesn't match my hair it looks weird on me o.o

Like I said before the tip is quite wide so it might be a little hard if you want to make a super thin & precise eyebrow. But I personally have no problem with that, I still can shape and define my eyebrows easily with this, if the tip is too blunt or too wide, I'll just use the attached sharpener to make it sharp again.

When swatched on hand it's very sheer, because the pencil only reacts with oil on our skin , but when you actually use it on your brows, the color would show up better

 I prefer hard pencils that's not so waxy like this, so I wont end up with crayon brows.

So here's the result on me. I'm sorry,I haven't trimmed my brows in ages and they refused to be tamed ._.

Though it's darker than my hair color it looks pretty natural, doesn't it? What I love from this pencil is just so easy to use, and since it has built in sharpener and brow brush, it's very perfect for a lazy person like me lol. At least my brows look decent, even if I haven't trimmed my brows for weeks lol

To be honest, I didn't like it too much at first because it's darker than my hair color but I love the natural finish it gives, you know how bad waxy eyebrow are, right?

Shu Uemura Cream Eyeshadow in P Brown

These creamy, gliding, velvety smooth formulas will let you create looks with seamless color coverage. Water proof & long lasting colors for all day wear to help outlast a hot Summer day. 6 light shades expertly developed to blend in with the skin and give bright shimmer. achieve a more striking look by layering with a pressed eye shadow and eyeliner. You can also create a natural shimmering and more refined look by using cream eye shadow alone.

Shu Uemura Cream Eyeshadow is available in 6 colors, you can see more of the details here
I got P Brown, I think P stands for "Pearly", indicating the eyeshadow finish. It's cool-toned brown with subtle shimmer and tiny glitters

Just like many cream eyeshadows, it comes in a gorgeous, sturdy glass jar. The glass jar is definitely not the thin and light one, it's a bit heavy, so I suppose it won't crack easily when accidentally fall down. Well I hope so! I won't give it a try anyway! lol

The cream eyeshadow itself is very smooth & creamy, glides smoothly on the skin, blends nicely even only with fingertips, but if I use it too much I can feel a kind of stinging & burning sensation on my eyelid, which is unpleasant, especially if I apply it by rubbing my eyelid. I don't know why but my eyelid is not that sensitive in general, it's the first time I experience something like this. So because of this I apply the cream eyeshadow in a light dabbing motion using my fingertips.

Did I mention that the cream shadow has a subtle scent of vanilla? One can't tell unless she's sniffing the jar, and i did lol.

Why does it look gold in the picture? it's supposed to be brown! -_-

When swatched on hand it looks very vibrant but on eyes..voila the color blends with the skin, disappears, leaving only traces of shimmer & glitters.

Is it a bad thing? Not really, Shu Uemura Cream Eyeshadow supposed to blend with skin, giving radiant & bright look on the eyes. I personally love it to use it as an eyeshadow base to make my  eyeshadow looks vivid & sticks better on the skin.

For daily and office look I like to use the cream shadow alone, and it instantly gives my eyes a beautiful sheen that's just barely there, something that's not too much yet still makes a noticeable change. 

And boy, they don't budge. I tried rubbing the swatches off my arm but they're hard to remove. Best way to remove this is by cleansing oil

 After a long day at work, I notice there are some glitters left but most of them are gone, my eyelids are super oily btw.

 Lastly, this is a make-up look using both the brow:sword and cream shadow. I didn't use any eyelid tape so yeah, I see many Shu models look so great even without double eyelid, so I wanted to imitate that but failed lol

I smudged my eyeliner a bit to create color transition, so it will bring more dimension to my monolid eyes. What do you think?

Anyways here's my final conclusion about both products *phew, finally we're reaching the end!*

Shu Uemura brow:sword

+ Lightweight & compact
+ Built-in sharpener & spoolie makes life a lot easier
+ Professional packaging
+ Easy to use, even for beginner
* Natural & neat result

- Expensive

Rating :


Shu Uemura Cream Eyeshadow

+ Creamy & velvety formula
+ Easy to use, blends nicely even only using fingertips
+ Stays really well, waterproof & smudgeproof
+ Beautiful radiant finish
+ Sturdy & classy packaging
+ Can be used as eyeshadow base

- Expensive
- Feels stinging on skin



Overall I'm quite pleased with the products, I love them and will continue using them until they run out. The only thing that I don't like is probably the price lol.

(update --> Brow:sword is about US$ 35 and Cream Eyeshadow is about US$25 on Shu Uemura US website, but I don't know the exact price in IDR at SU Indonesia counters, but according to femaledaily review, brow:sword is about IDR 520k)

it's so fantastic for a single brow product & eyeshadow I think. But it's Shu Uemura, a well-established brand and their product quality is undoubtedly great, so no wonder they're expensive.

So finally *phew* I'm done with this long post. I hope you find this review useful.
Also check out my last post about Shu Uemura 3D Brow Styling & Store Re-Opening event here to see more Shu products that are worth checking out.

Thank you so much Shu Uemura Indonesia!

See you!

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  1. Pengen cobain brow sword nya. nice review

    Jean Milka

  2. Ci, serius Brow:Sword di counter SU Indonesia ampe IDR 600K? Aku iseng browsing kalo PO lgsg dr Jepang aja untuk Hard Formula-nya sekitar IDR 270-300K, apa karena Brow:Sword lebih efisien ya jadi lebih mahal?

    Anyhow, thanks for the review! ^^ Pengen beli high-end eyebrow product tapi masih tergoda beli low-end kaya Canmake/Etude dulu --"

    1. Ehh salah deng, sekitar 500-an kalo aku cek di femaledaily hahahah. Brow:sword memang lebih mahal dr hard formula, untuk harga dollarnya aja US$35.

      Hahahah aku juga masih suka pake Canmake buat eyebrow, I think Canmake is great ^^

      Sama2, semoga membantu ya, thanks for reading ^^

  3. Kok bisa ada burning sensation gtu yeee cream nya, liat bentuk sleek si sword macam etude drawing brow, praktis tapi Harganya bikin pengen Kaboerrrr.

    1. nah ga tau mak, tumben2an nih kelopak mata gw berasa celekit celekit gitu.. Iya mak, cuman bisa diserut si brow:sword ini jadi lancip banget, kalo Etude ga ada serutannya kan. Gw seneng resultnya yang tipis2 natural gitu mak, biasa pensil kan suka tebel gt yah. Cuma harganye emang wkwkwk

  4. Brow swordnya bagus dehh resultnya suka. Foto fotonya bagus banget deh kamuuu, following you dear <3

    Shop @vanitygoods


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