REVIEW : Kracie Naive Facial Cleansing Foam in Green Tea + Japanese Foam Wash Technique

by - Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finally a new review post!  First of all I'd like to say Happy Eid Mubarak & Happy Holiday! This post was supposed to be done in last week, but since I went for a quick holiday and my work started soon after,  I couldn't continue my writing T_T

Today I'm back with another Japanese product from Kawaii Beauty Japan, and this time I'm going to review a facial foam from Kracie,  Kracie Naive Facial Cleansing Foam in Green Tea. Most of you might have been familiar with Kracie, it's a well-known skin care & hair care brand in Japan.  I've reviewed the haircare set before, you can see here --> Kracie Ichikami Review

Facial cleansing has always been an important part in my skincare routine, so selecting a good facial cleanser is crucial. For me, a good facial cleanser should be able to clean the skin without making it dry, it has to be able to cleanse skin thoroughly and maintain the skin moisture at the same time and it would be better if it doesn't contain detergent / soap, fragrance and paraben. So, does Kracie Naive meets the criteria? Since, again, it's a Japanese skincare, I believe Kracie will do. (lol so biased).

Kracie Naive Facial Cleansing Foam's ingredients are plant-based, it's made of 100% "Soap Nuts" as an organic cleanser, with abundant foam that is gentle on the skin, gently remove dirt and dead skin cells on the face.

Soap Nuts -

Soap nuts are plants that often used as a natural detergent and cleanser, it's organic so it's chemical free. Instead they produce saponin, a natural cleanser that acts as surfactant. It's paraben and colorant free too, which makes this facial foam even better!

Kracie Naive Facial Cleansing Foam has 3 variants : Aloe Vera for normal skin, Green Tea for oily skin and Peach for dry skin. I undoubtedly pick Green Tea of course because I have oily skin.

The facial foam is packaged in a sleek, standard squeeze tube with flip cap. Dominated with white and dark green, the label design somehow gives a clean and 'healthy' vibe.

See, it's paraben, sulfate and colorant free, but it still contains fragrance and mineral oil though (CMIIW). 

The texture of the facial foam is thick and dense, almost like a toothpaste. It has some kind of green tea mixed with flower fragrance. Well,  it's not overwhelming but not subtle either, I personally don't mind it, but  I prefer subtle and soft fragrance for facial foam, since I'm putting it close to my nose.

Along with the facial foam, Kawaii Beauty Japan also sent me a foaming net. Foaming net is very popular in Japan, it's a tool used to create thick and rich lather to wash our face with. Coupling with the facial foam, foaming net creates lots of rich, dense, and fluffy foam easily and faster than doing it by hand. Honestly I find it hard to create fluffy and thick foam only by my hands though, so I don't want to rub my hands ever again to create foam because with foaming net it's just very quick and easy! And it produces better foam too! In less than a minute!

Though foaming net is a common thing in Japan, it's rather unpopular in Indonesia. However, you still can buy foaming net at stores who sells Japanese goods such as Daiso or MUJI.

I keep saying 'in Japan.. in Japan' as if I've been there before geez lol Well, I'm just sharing what I learn from Japanese magazines and beauty video.

Why do we need lots of foam to wash our face?

Washing face with foam is a popular cleansing technique in Japan. Japanese women are known for flawless, radiant and beautiful skin right? and apparently this washing technique is one of their secret for it. It is advised to not directly rub our face with our hands, instead there should be a layer of creamy foam that acts as a barrier that will protect skin from harsh friction caused by rubbing.

The point is, don't let your fingers touch your skin while rubbing the face. instead your fingers should be in 'floating' motion, and let the foam do all the job.

Washing face with foam is supposed to be more gentle to the skin because of the minimized friction, tiny foam particles are also able to cleanse the skin thoroughly, removing oil, dirt and make up residue deep down inside the pores, so you will get cleaner & brighter skin as the result. Clean skin means skincare products can be absorbed better, and that means your skin will get the maximum benefits from your skincare products. This is why a proper cleansing habit is very important in skin care regimen.  Sounds a bit troublesome right? but great results requires patience and consistency!

So, let's begin our quest to look like Koyuki & Aragaki Yui!!  I'm going to tell you how to make foam using the foaming net

Doesn't the foam look delicious?? It's super soft and creamy, we might confuse it for a whipped cream lol . There are no air bubbles visible if you look closely, which means that the foam is very dense

So, how to wash our face in the correct way?  


As I've mentioned above, dense foam containing very small particles that can penetrate deeply into the pores and cleanse the skin better without damaging the skin with harsh friction. The key is to be gentle, no need to rub hard, treat your face as if it's the most fragile thing in the world.

Wet your face with lukewarm water. Spread the foam all over your face. With your fingertips, gently rub your face in a small circular motion. Do not directly touch your face or rubbing too hard, instead let your fingers move in 'floating motion', let the foam underneath your fingers do all the cleansing. That way you should be feeling the foam is getting into your skin, removing all the dirt inside.

Rub gently for 5 minutes, starting from the cheeks, then move to the nose and chin, and then your forehead. Spend more time rubbing on parts of your face that gets oily most of the time (T-Zone area, for example). Lastly, rinse with cold water and pat dry with a towel.


There's a slight tingling cool sensation that makes my skin feels refreshed and 'awake', which is nice. The foam is very soft and marshmallow-like too, super enjoyable and feels nice on the skin. 

You might feel that your face is not clean enough because you rely on the foam alone without rubbing your face harshly, but the foam actually does a good job in cleansing the skin, it removes the oil, dirt and make up residue that may remain off my face, leaving my skin feeling soft and fresh.

 One thing that surprises me is that washing with foam doesn't make my skin feel tight and dry at all. It washes off easily, with no squeaky, slimy or tight feeling like most facial foam tend to give. However, the tight and dry feeling was there if I wash my face using my hands without the foaming net.

As for the ability to reduce the oil production & pore size, well honestly I didn't see any changes. I believe facial foam alone is not enough to control the oil production, it needs to be combined with good skincare and healthy lifestyle too.

As for my case I think no product can handle my skin though zzz


* Cleanse skin very well
* Makes skin soft & supple
* Produce lots of creamy and rich foam
* Doesn't make skin feel tight and dry
* Paraben, sulfate & colorant free
* Made of organic ingredients
* Affordable (about IDR 40.000-50.000)


*  The scent is a little too strong for me
* No significant change on oil production & pore size



To sum up, I'm quite happy with Kracie Naive Face Cleansing Foam. I think Kracie Naive is good for starters who wants to try Japanese facial wash or who wants to try washing face with foam regularly. 
It's also great for you who spend most of your time outside, it gets rid of dirt, oil and make up residue easily, leaving skin feeling clean & smooth.

Washing face with foam is said to be able to repair skin structure from time to time and will bring a significant change if done regularly, so I'm gonna use this for a while to see whether there's any improvement in my skin

Let's start a good cleansing habit with Kracie Naive Face Cleansing Foam from now!

Thank you Kracie, and thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan for always introducing us to great Japanese beauty products!

I have more Japanese beauty products to review, so please look forward to it.

See you on my next post!

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    1. Yes! Foaming net is amazing lol

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