Happy Chinese New Year 2015!

by - Sunday, February 22, 2015

Hi everyone, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Lunar New Year!

It's been another month again, finally I can manage to write something here after weeks neglecting this blog, well that's something I've always been doing and I always come with another excuses after that. I'm sorry.

I don't think I can focus and dedicate my time for this blog. I feel bad, you know?

Anyway, how did you spend your CNY with your family?

I did nothing special, just went to grandpa's house from my father's side that's all. Usually most of my dad's relatives gather there on CNY. But sadly this year I didn't go to my grandma's house like I used to do because she's no longer here.

Actually what makes me happy on CNY is not the angpaos, but the day off instead lol
Day off is pretty rare except on weekends because now I'm working fulltime at an office, so snuggling on bed, waking up late is truly precious time for me.
You had plenty of time but you had no money, you had money but you had no time
We can't have both money and time at the same time, I guess that's the law of nature?

Woke up at 9 am and rushed to get ready with make up. So excited because I had some items I hadn't used, so CNY is the perrfect time to try them! LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint is one of my favorite at the moment.  I won't promise any reviews soon but when I do, I will do one on this affordable yet amazing product.

So here it is , my make up for CNY : neutral eyes +  bold lips. I don't normally wear such daring color because bold lipcolor makes my lips look even more gigantic lol but I guess it's ok to wear it once in a while on events like CNY and Christmas. I'm wearing LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint in Bombshell. Super love the intensity <3

 Another exciting stuff in CNY is new dress, I don't know why I'm so prepared for this year's CNY, normally I would wear the same old shoes for 3 years straight and I didn't even care about it, but then this year I got new shoes and bags, and I even cut my hair wtf

But I still keep everything on budget, all these new stuffs I bought at ZALORA and everything cost me less than 800k.

Wearing all black for Chinese New Year like a badass yo, I hope it's not a bad omen to be wearing black on CNY (because it's truly not recommended, black is believed to be the color of bad luck in Chinese tradition) but wearing red for only once in a year would be such a waste.:/

But fortunately the black is spiced up by the beautiful flower print pattern so I don't look too gloomy like someone who's going to a funeral.

Bought this beautiful dress at ZALORA, their Chinese New Year collection is amazing, all dresses are so so pretty, I really had a hard time in deciding which dress I should choose. But finally my choice fell on this dress, it was love at the first sight. <3

Super in love with this dress! The flower print detail is very exquisite, and how the skirt flows and falls on my body is just nice! The black sling bag looks amazing as well, it doesn't cost me much but doesn't look cheesy right! :OOOOOOOO

Just want to let you know I'm not sponsored by Zalora lol I'm telling this because I just love shopping there because it's easy and saves a lot of time, their product quality and service are also excellent. The dress and other stuffs came out exactly just like advertised. I know how it feels when you shop online and your stuff doesn't look as expected or worst, very different from what you see on the website. It's truly truly heartbreaking </3

I'm wearing the M size but it's a tad too big and loose, It's quite big for a M-sized dress, normally M dress wouldn't be that big, I should've chosen S instead, ONLY for this dress. (I usually wear M or L because I'm a little plump ..wahhhhh S dress for me? It's too good to be true T_T)

Pointy black suede shoes with strap <3 also from ZALORA.
Ankle strap makes legs look even prettier. I've been eyeing on this kind of shoes ever since I saw it on EMODA and magazines. People said it would look better with heels, I agree, heels are so pretty but sadly I can't stand on them for more than 15 minutes. My feet will crack T_T

 So I've dedicated my time and effort to dress well on CNY, now then how about the Angpaos? lolol

Well, I didn't get many Angpaos this year because one of my distant relatives  passed away so some of my other relatives attended the funeral. Plus I don't have many family and relatives to be honest lol, mostly they mind their own family business (individualist, I guess?) or live too far away (overseas and out of town) but hey at least I got Disney Princess Angpao lolololol

I use almost all of my angpao to pay for plane ticket for my short trip to Yogyakarta.
It would be my first time on an airplane (YES I'VE NEVER BEEN ON AN AIRPLANE BEFORE, I'VE NEVER EVEN SEEN AN AIRPORT lol)
I'm scared and anxious as hell, especially whenever I saw news about plane accidents and such.

And exactly the day after CNY, when I was at the office my friend notified me about a rare CD of my favorite Japanese singer, Kawamura Ryuichi, being sold at Blok M for super nice deal. It's a secondhand CD but still in a great quality, so the price is affordable.
Blok M is super near to my office lolol so I picked it up immediately. I was really really happy because it's a rare item, and it has most of my favorite songs + his PVs, and the cover CD is beautifully illustrated. *fangirl soul explodes*

Then there goes my first purchase using my CNY money.

Then it marks the end of my post today lolol

I hope you're not bored reading this pointless blog post. Nevertheless, I wish you a very prosperous new year. Good luck to all of us!

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