REVIEW : Revive Lash ( リバイブラッシュ) Professional Eyelash Serum

by - Sunday, December 28, 2014

Hi! I'm back for the very last post in 2014! WHAT?! I can't believe we're reaching the end of the year again, which means we have to review everything we've done within the passing year and set new goals for the upcoming year :) I remember I wrote one last year --> read here. And I still feel like I just wrote it yesterday. Time sure flies, really.

First of all I would like to wish you a Merry Merry Christmas and happy holidays! though it's a bit late, I still wish that your Christmas was full of warmth, joy and excitement, surrounded by your loved ones and (maybe) lots of presents! yay!

And as the closing for this year, I'm going to review a product that has been sent by Kawaii Beauty Japan to me. I joined their campaign and won the product. It's an eyelash serum from Japan called 'Revive Lash!'

Lately I've been following make up trends brought by Japanese fashion icons, such as Ena Matsumoto and Kiko Mizuhara. What I notice from their make up is that they did not wear any heavy stuff, but they still look beautiful and radiant. It turns out that their secret lies in their minimal eye makeup (even they do not use thick eyeliner!) And .. what stands out is their curly and long eyelashes.
The super beautiful Ena Matsumoto

Kiko Mizuhara

From this point I began to notice that most Japanese girls have long, thick and curly lashes that looks amazing when they put mascara on!

I want to have those kind of eyelashes too! Since I'm someone who are doomed to have very tiny and thin eyelashes, to the point that they are almost nonexistent lol, so I'm really excited to try this lash serum.

I have never heard of Revive Lash before, but I trust Japan with all my heart (forgive me I'm so biased). Just kidding, we all know the quality of Japanese products so let's see if it can live up to the expectations

REVIVE LASH ( リバイブラッシュ)


REVIVE LASH is an eyelash serum that has 4 purposes to maintain the beauty of the lashes:

-  To lengthen the lashes
- To thicken the lashes
- To strengthen the lashes, reducing and preventing fall out.
- To blacken the lashes

It's basically an eyelash care, so no need to worry about the side effects
Usage timing :

Twice a day - Morning and night, on a clean, freshly washed skin

Recommended amount of usage

1 tip stroke for each upper and lower eyelashes.

If you want to use mascara, please use it after Revive Lash has dried.

Wrapped in a red cardbox, Revive Lash comes in a mascara-tube like packaging, very sleek and slender, almost at the size of a lipgloss. It contains 6 gr of the product which is quite a lot, considering that you will need a very little amount in each usage.

When you twist off the cap you'll see a wand with doe-foot like applicator that you often see on lip glosses. The serum is actually a transparent gel, which is colorless and also odorless. At first glance it looks like a glue because of it's sticky, glue-y texture. It feels wet and slightly cool on skin upon application. No matter how careful you are when applying the product, it is likely that the liquid would get into the eyes. I was worried that the liquid would irritate my eyes but thankfully it didn't. For contact lens users, I recommend you to remove your contact lenses prior using this product.

I have to wait until the liquid is completely dry, but it takes so long.  If it's not dry yet, I can't continue my eye make up. >_> I wish it would dry faster..


Revive Lash comes with an instruction manual booklet, but unfortunately it is written entirely in Japanese, which I don't thoroughly understand with all those hard kanjis. I managed to translate few parts of it using OCR and thankfully KBJ sent me the Indonesian translation.


1. Take an appropriate amount of product using the tip.
If you pick up too much product, it becomes easy to get into the eyes. If you have accumulated too much liquid on the tip, please adjust the amount by stroking the tip to the mouth of the container.

2. Gently apply to the hairline
  On each eye, apply straight to draw on the eyeline.  Put the liquid into the tip again and do the same thing to the other eye .

3. Apply directly to the eyelash
Using the tip,  paint the lash upward to lift the lashes, just like wearing a mascara.

4. Do the same thing to your lower lash
Apply using the tip on the small parts of your lower lashes (roots and each of the hair)

So how did it work?



I was supposed to review this product ten days after the first usage, but there was a bit of the problem that caused me to be late to write the review, so in fact I've been using this lash serum for almost two weeks, on and off actually, I admit I did not apply it regularly as instructed. There were times that I forgot, or when I was too tired at night or too lazy to apply (lol).

Despite of my carelessness it still works well though. I don't know if you can tell the difference from the before-after picture, but in reality I do feel that Revive Lash helps to boost my eyelashes appearance by making it look thicker and fuller, especially my bottom lashes. My bottom lashes start to show themselves, and my upper lashes also look more volumized and slightly longer, I can tell because my lashes are poking upwards, and they look amazing whenever I apply my mascara. You know, all this time I feel that mascara is useless on me because using it or not, my eyelashes remain invisible lol. Another thing that's great from Revive Lash is it's colorant and perfume free, plus it doesn't sting the eyes so I assume it is safe enough for those with sensitive eyes

I honestly don't know about the repairing and strengthening ability since I rarely experience lashes fallout so I can't say much about that. But my other blogger friends said that Revive Lash help to make their eyelash stronger, thus reducing the fallout.


- Makes my eyelashes appear fuller and thicker
- Doesn't sting my eyes
- Odorless and colorless
- Contains quite a lot of product
- Lengthen my lashes even just for a bit
- Result is noticeable even within a short amount of time

- Doesn't have any English instruction
- Takes a long time to be completely dry
- Feels slightly sticky 
- Pricey (about 5,800 円 each)
- Only available in Japan


Overall I'm pretty satisfied with the result though it is not as dramatic as I thought it would be lol. But for a fairly short period of time, the result is quite noticeable. I will continue using it to see more significant results later. 

That's all for today, I hope you enjoy your Year-End holiday with your loved ones..and I hope you enjoy this review as well.

Thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan for the opportunity.

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