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by - Saturday, November 01, 2014

Wahaaa, this is my first post outside beauty reviews and stuff. I always wanted to write post about tips or tutorials but was afraid to do so because I didn't want to give you wrong information because of my lack of insight ^^ But today I'm going to try it anyway,so please bear with me *bows*

Who doesn't know Japanese fashion? Japanese has been widely known for their eccentric fashion style throughout the world, so no wonder many people love them. Including a gaijin (外人 - foreigner ) like me lol.  I truly love Japanese style, their fashion, make up, hairstyle. I'm not a fashionable person or what not, but I just love to add a little touch of something I saw on Japanese websites, magazine and Instagram into my personal style ^^"

You think Japanese fashion style is too much for you? Well, now I'm going to talk about Japanese fashion syle that you can wear everyday to almost everywhere but still look stylish, Japanese casual fashion it is ^^ 

I used to love this kawaii, girly style like this with  dresses, bows, flowery patterns, laces, frilly skirts etc. Take a look at Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge below, yes these brands are top notch in the girly department.


But as time goes by and now I'm aging *cough* I feel this particular style is no longer suitable for me, especially now that my hair is short, I don't know, I just feel that super kawaii clothes and my hair is no match, it's just weird >_> and I feel like this kind of style is a little attention grabbing in Indonesia, and I'm not quite confident to wear it, even though I actually trulyyyy like it because it's super kawaiiiiiii *cries*

Now I'm more into simple clothes that can be easily coordinated. Like, I buy one simple stripe shirt that I can use to create 3 or more different looks. Something like that. And I blame UNIQLO for this, grrrrh.

Anyway, if you look at Instagram feeds with this hashtag----> #coordinate or #コーディネート, you will likely to spot some outfits like these 

Apparently this how Japanese dress up in their everyday life , actually their outfit is pretty simple, but they layer and mix it with lots of things (hats, socks, outerwear), so they look really stylish and cute.

The point of casual fashion is to layer, mix, or customize clothes into outfit combinations according to your own personal style and preference. The popular name to call an outfit combination is coordinate (コーディネート) . (I don't know why but instead of using 'outfit', Japanese seems to use this word a lot >_>)

Even though it's 'Casual', keep it stylish and doesn't look plain! The key is to wear outfit combination that is wearable for daily life but still look stylish. 

Let's check out these coordinates, taken from Instagram, brands Facebook,  WEAR  and many other sources lol 

Looking at the feed, apparently checked patterns, beanie hats, midi skirt, and striped shirt are trending ^^ Well as for socks, apparently they are wearing it all the time.

And popular brands for this style are :

UNIQLO, GU ---> These are the most popular,apparently, both in Japan and in Indonesia :')
WEGO -----> more dynamic, youthful vibe
MUJI  無印良品 ----> for a neat and clean look
EMODA ---->  for more edgy, sophisticated mature look

It's wearable and adaptable for daily life, especially here in Indonesia, isn't it?  ^_^
 You can wear this during your hangout session on weekend too!

 If you're going to try this style, you might want to take note on these

1. Socks and hats will add your 'kawaii' level, so try combining your outfit with these items.
2. Do not wear too much accessories, keep your outfit simple
3. Pick colors that are easy to be combined. If you're going for bright colors, remember to have neutral colors in your outfit combination to keep it balanced.
4. And most importantly, Lift your head up then walk with confidence (Y)

 Here are some of my coordinates that I 'imitate' *I know I'm such a desperate gaijin who wants to imitate Japanese*. Most of my clothes are from UNIQLO and GU, and the rest are unbranded. I love shopping at random stalls in ITC or malls, so that's why.. lol
 Well I love cheap clothes that looks good #pelit


The bag is no match, I know, but this is the one and only bag I own ;___;

You can look for these hashtags on Instagram for more reference and inspirations (it's where I got lots them! Because it's real people wearing it, in the real time)


Or,   try installing WEAR app on your Android or iPhone. It's a fashion app that lets you share your own personal style and coordinate, also where you can update yourself with the latest trend in Japan, since Japanese post their outfit pictures and let you know what brand/stuff they are wearing. It's super cool! I wish I had known them earlier

OK this wraps up my post for today. Let me know if you find it useful and don't hesitate to correct me or add some suggestions if you have some.

Also if you have an outfit look that you'd like to share, don't hesitate to do so!

Much love, 

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