REVIEW : New Palty Jelly Hair Color in Creamy Beige ( PALTY ジュレヘアカラー: クリーミー ベージュ)

by - Friday, November 28, 2014


Hi everyone! It's been months since my last hair color post, in fact I've dyed my hair twice since my last hair dye session with Etude here. And this is one of the many hairdyes that I used for my 3 months hair color maintenance ^^ Yeay for PALTY!

So this is my first encounter with Palty, I've been wanting to try Palty for so long, because Palty has so many interesting colors that most hairdyes don't have! However, it was hard to find the local seller here, if I ever found one they didn't have the color that I want or the price was a skyrocket. Fortunately I found one seller that sells many Japanese hairdyes with decent price, and then I saw this new Palty Jelly, apparently it's the newest part of their haircolor range ^^ I was hesitating between this Palty Jelly or the old Palty Bubble, but the new Palty looks really interesting,  so I picked it. Hair color in a jelly form?? Have ever you thought of that before??!

My color of choice is Creamy Beige which is the lightest color available in  Palty Jelly color range.  Creamy Beige is a  beautiful light brown with a bit of cool tone. Not too yellow, a little ashy. Just perfect!

 I've always wanted to have light beige hair like Kyary here, but it's a very difficult color to obtain and I don't see many hairdye carry this color though. But the first time I saw this Creamy Beige from Palty, I chose it right away because it's the color that I've been wanting to have!

Tsukematsukema tsukematsuke~

So let's see how it performs!

palty box

Palty, as usual, comes with a very attractive box design. Unlike the Bubble ones that advertises Tsubasa Masuwaka's pretty face, Palty Jelly has various models on each cover, depends on the color



Here are the stuffs that you get from the box. They have clear plastic container, mixing spoon, instruction manual, rubber gloves, Tsubaki Oil after color treatment, each bottle of developer and hairdye.

The instruction manual and everything written on the box are in Japanese. Since my Japanese is so pathetic, I can't help you guys much on that (I don't think I could even pass JLPT N5 lmao). Honestly, I only paid attention to the picture and also instruction video on Palty Cosme site. You guys can link onto that to watch the video tutorial , it's very helpful

  OK, so as usual I always start with brassy, fading and yucky unwashed hair with 10 cm of black roots lol.

"Why, in every freaking hairdye review post, do you always have that yucky, limp, oily hair to begin with?"

 Alright, I hear you.

The reason is because I did not wash my hair the day before I dye my hair. It is suggested to not wash your hair prior dyeing, because it would strip the natural oils off your hair, which means your hair would be vulnerable to damage.

"I didn't wash my hair too but my hair doesn't look as disgusting"

Alright, alright. My scalp is very oily, so one day without washing my hair it would become like this -__- Well my entire skin is oily though so no wonder :v

So yeah, I dyed my hair previously with Etude which I have reviewed here. No matter what color or what hair dye brands I used before, it would always fade into something like this :v. This was definitely the longest hairgrowth I kept. My hair was growing really fast, a lot faster than usual and I didn't have any idea why. 3 months and it has grown that long, see for yourself.


Get the gloves ready, pick up the # 2 bottle, which is the haircolor developer. Shake the bottle gently until what's inside is mixed. Do not shake too vigorously though.

Pour the liquid in #2 bottle into the plastic container

Pour the liquid inside #1 bottle into the same plastic container


Using the mixing spoon, stir the mixture until the texture become thick like this


The spoon is so cute, don't you think so? It has heart-shaped holes on it. Don't throw it away, it might come in handy later, you can actually use it to blow soap bubbles.

TADAH~! Then you'll have mango jelly!
Well it's not exacty a 'jelly' but it is more like a 'gel' instead. And seriously it smells like mango jelly!! Very refreshing and doesn't have any stingy smell of ammonia! How cool is that!!



Rub the jelly between your palm and apply on to your hair. Seriously I freaking had no idea how to apply the jelly properly, since no tools are suggested or provided from Palty, I only used my hands. And I swear 1 box is not enough for my shoulder length hair.

Palty does not allow you to wait for more than 30 minutes or your hair would turn out disastruous, so I waited as suggested. After that I washed my hair like usual and applied the Tsubaki Oil conditioner-thing. The conditioner, again, is in a ridiculously thin sachet that will run out in a single squeeze . Dear Palty, why so stingy?


Palty after 



It's hard to capture the color close to what it really looks like in real life :x On the left is taken by my front phone camera, while the right is taken by my back camera. Two of them looks quite different, doesn't it? :v The left pic looks more like the color I've been aiming for though, but sadly, its just a camera trick.

In real life actually I didn't see any significant color change, at all. It looked like my everyday light brown. You still can see the orange tone is still there, while I was hoping for it to be a little beige-ish, like what has been promised on the box. Plus it did not lighten my roots, so the top of my hair was still very dark. It might not look too obvious in picture above but believe me in reality it was still very dark, I ended up looking like a pudding head :v

With the right lighting and camera it could look quite nice like this


or orangey :v


After a few weeks it looks even more vibrant..but why orange? I want beige ah! :'(
Just wait for another few weeks then it would look super ugly like the 'Before' pic above. :v

-  Pretty packaging
- Smells good
- The mixing process is very fun
- Doesn't make my hair dry

- Expensive (cost me about IDR 200.000, for me it's too much for a DIY hairdye)
- Uneven result
- Not enough hair dye and conditioner even for short hair like mine
- Color doesn't come out like what's on the box
- Very hard to find in Indonesia, not many online shop sells this


I don't think so..

So the conclusion is... this hairdye disappoints me. I really had a high expectation since I heard a lot of good reviews about Palty. I dont know if I'm going to try Palty again in the future, since my first experience with it did not make me happy </3 Their color choices are very alluring and unique though, but it's useless if the result does not turn out as promised :v. Maybe next time I would go for the bubble dye instead. But for this one, I think it isn't worth my money :'( So sorry Palty.

Have you tried this Palty Jelly Hair Dye? Let me know if that works on you!

See you next time,

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  1. Pengen banget warnain rambut sendiri. Aku rasa rambut yang masih virgin ga akan masuk warnanya.hiks..

    1. Bisa kok kalo pakai cat rambut yang aga terang & ngejreng.. kalau di Palty bisa pakai warna ini atau Milk Tea Brown.. di rambut virgin/hitam jadinya semu2 coklat gitu.. coba ajah ^^

  2. the concept is undeniably cute and I'm so curious about its smell *Q*
    If 1 box wasn't sufficient for your short hair, definitely I'll need more than 2 boxes then .__.
    But I don't think I will try this Palty, since it turned out quite disappointing..
    Thanks for sharing, stefanie ^^ you're so cute

    1. Yesss it'so cute but sadly does not perfom well :( Sedikit banget isinya.. uda gitu dia tipenya gel..bukan bubble jadi susah rata dan lebih boros :(
      Thank you Xiao Vee ^^

  3. Yaaah sayang banget jadi orange gitu -____-
    Padahal penasaran belum nyoba type gel gitu.
    Good luck N5 nya, o(・`д・´。)ヵ゛ンハ゛レ !

    Indira || New Post

    1. Iyah padahal lucu ya warnanya di box.. eh jadinya malah orange :'(
      Thank you ^^ Itu aku JLPT nya otodidak cm belajar materinya doangg hehe.. よ~し!これからも頑張ります!

  4. So small, jelas aja kurang kalau buat yang rambut panjang :))

    Eh, tapi kok aku malah suka warnanya pas jadi orange ya, lebih keliatan cute :D

    1. Ia kecil banget.. buat warnain rambut pendek aja kurang :')

      Masa sihhh? Aku ga demen malah orange gini.. kalo di bawah sinar matahari kaya obor jalan.. gonjreng banget hahahaha... thank you anyway ^^

  5. Nice hair colour but not really close color with the packaging.. such a FAKEaging lol.. how ever, still beautyfull hair..

    My blog

    1. Yes, it's disappointing >_< maybe it's indeed a color that is difficult to obtain.
      Thank you Angeline ^^

  6. if youre worried about the orange you should try tone correcting your hair ^^

    like a blueish purple shampoo its takes out that brassy orange colour ^^

    its good for blonde to medium brown hair

    if you want more of an ash neutral tone ^^

    or try to dye your hair with something that has a bit of a blue tone :)

    1. I dyed my hair with ash tone before but it faded quickly into brassy yellow tone again #Asianhairproblems xD
      Purple shampoo sounds like a good idea, thanks!

  7. C stefaniiiiie its so nice , beli dimana ? 😍

  8. Im sorry it didn't work out as you would have liked! If it makes you feel any better, you still look simply adorable! <3

  9. Im sorry it didn't work out as you would have liked! If it makes you feel any better, you still look simply adorable! <3


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