REVIEW : Thailand Skincare - K-Face Aura Snaily Baby Skin Recovery & Aura Wink Cream

by - Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thailand skincare has been very popular lately, yes? I was also curious to try one and I was happy when Bangkok Face Indonesia sent me their products.


I know  maybe some of you haven't heard or known about the brand nor the products, so I'm going to introduce them to you, let's start with the brand first. What is Bangkok Face?

"We are the cosmetic wholesale supplier expertise in Thai herbs and natural organic ingredients
We provided various kinds of beauty products and beauty herbs in which we guarantee
 that they are the best skin care products formulated with Thai herbs extracts. 
Bangkok face is now looking for the potential wholesalers and distributors to join with us.
 Bangkok face, the ultimate beauty skin care center. "

Bangkok Face is a cosmetic manufacturer in Thailand that promotes natural ingredients in their products. Apparently they are quite renowned in SouthEast Asia, particularly in Thailand. They distribute their products throughout the Asia by having representatives in each country. You can read more about them here on their official website -->

Despite being a newcomer in Indonesian beauty world, some of you guys probably have known one of their products that has been reviewed by many beauty bloggers Yes, it's their famous Lotus Sparkling Mask and Gem Fruit Pudding Cream.

But today I have another product from Bangkok Face that I'm going to share to you. I told Bangkok Face Indonesia that I have a problem with acne and acne scars, so they sent me Aura Snaily Baby Skin Recovery and Aura Wink Cream ^_^


Let's take a look at Aura Wink Cream first, OK?


Aura wink cream is a skin lightener; a secret of beauty that brightens Japanese and Korean women for pinky, aura, and healthy skin. The main active is Sakura extract (Cherry Blossom). 
We have studied about this Sakura in cooperation with Japanese institute and discovered that this kind of Sakura can befound in Thailand known as Nang Pha Ya Suer Klong.

​     According to research, Himalyan or Thai Cherry Blossom contains enzyme that acts as anti-oxidant that is 10 times more concentrated than Sakura in Japan and Korea.
This rare type of Sakura is well known for its capability to renovate dark and dry skin to become brighter, and healthier overnight. Furthermore, apple stem cells and vitamin B3 will definitely lift up your face and solve other issue pertaining to uneven skin surfaces. It is now time to try a potent whitening mask that has already surpasses other masks in the market. 


* Whitening
* Firming
*Dark spot removal
* Pore tightening
* Anti Aging 


ALPHA GLUCOSYL RUTIN: Anti-oxidant, Whitening, Blood circulation
DIOSCOREA COMPOSITA ROOT EXTRACT: Firming, Cell renewal, Whitening
MALUS DOMESTICA FRUIT EXTRACT: Anti-aging, Firming, Lifting
ALPHA ARBUTIN: Whitening, Peeling off old damages cells



Aura Wink Cream is basically a sleeping mask, which should be used before sleeping and leave it overnight and then rinse in the morning. It comes in a carton packaging with a sachet inside that contains 5ml of product, it doesn't contain much because Aura Wink should be used only 2-3 times a week. For me a 5ml sachet is enough for 3 usages. I find that sachet is a bit inconvenient,it's less hygiene because the product leftover will be easily contaminated by air. Since I do not have a jar or container to accommodate the products from the sachet, I secure the sachet with bobby pins lol

All instructions are written in Thai, so if you want to know more about the products, visit their website here  and here

aurawink 2

aura snaily texture

Aura Wink cream texture is quite thick, it's clear white and it smells flowery. The scent is a bit too strong for me, reminds me of car freshener or something, because it has strong artificial flower smell. I don't like the scent to be honest >_< it's too overwhelming. But thank God it fades within a few minutes.

Aura Wink feels thick and cold on my skin, but in a good way, I love mask that feels cold because it's refreshing! It feels a little wet and tacky at first, and it takes time to dry and fully absorbed to the skin. You might need to wait for a few minutes for the mask to dry before going to sleep, or else the mask will be smeared all over your pillow or bedsheet ><

And the world's end starts after you scroll this page down.


DANG! here's my bare face that brings calamity to the world. I hope you don't fall off your chair


It was taken right after I woke up, I used Aura Wink last night and I hadn't rinsed it here. Notice that my skin looks bright? (except my dark circles, well I hope you notice ><) My skin feels suppler and moist, no greasy feeling, so far it feels good.

OK, now let's move to our next product, Aura Snaily Baby Face Recovery Cream


Aura snaily is the concentrated day and night whitening cream that brightens up facial skin while returning baby face to you with the nourishing snail extract from snail mucilage. 

Alpha Glucosyl AGR is the Thai sakura extract function as anti-oxidant that is more effective than vitamin E. Phytoquintescine function resemble to glutathione that reduce the production pathway of melanin pigments which in turns reducing dark spots, freckles, and melasma while Artemia extract  adds energy into cells and protects your skin from UV radiation.

The products took in consideration the various Thai natural elements to deal with skin complexion. Try aura snaily and you’ll soon become addicted to the way it makes you look and feel.


* Anti Acne
* Skin discoloration improvement
* Firming


SNAIL EXTRACT: Whitening, soften, anti-aging, cell renewal,cell recharge
ALPHA GLUCOSYL RUTIN: Anti-oxidant, Whitening, Blood circulation
 ARTEMIA EXTRACT: Anti-oxidant, Cell energy reform, Prevent from UV radiation, Strengthen cells, Cells elasticity
​YEAST EXTRACT: Enhance skin absorption, Anti-aging, skin conditioning, moisturizing


(Description taken from :


Aura Snaily, just like Aura Wink, also comes in a sachet but it contains more product (10 ml). I've been using this for more than 2 weeks regularly and there's still half a sachet left. The main ingredient here is snail slime extract, which is known for its restorative and repairing ability.


The texture is slightly different than Aura Wink, Aura Snaily is a bit yellowish in color with lighter texture, a little slimy, but it's not sticky and very easy to absorb.

It has soft floral scent, a lot softer compared to Aura Wink, but I can smell a bit of an unusual scent in it, hmmm.. I guess it's the smell of the snail slime? I don't know, but it doesn't bother me much so I'm OK with that ^^ It absorbs quickly upon application, doesn't leave any stickiness or any uncomfortable feeling, skin feels moisturized and soft to touch.

Here's my skin progress for 2 weeks, it's not edited, so please just ignore the different tone and white balance >_<

skin progress

After 2 weeks using these two products, here is my experience

I use Aura Wink 2 or 3 times a week, and Aura Snaily daily-every morning and night. I think Aura Wink helps to boost skin's appearance temporarily by making skin looks brighter after using it, so I cannot make a judgement about its continuous effect, because I think Aura Snaily is the one who does most of the job. I can feel that my skin texture is improving, sometimes parts of my face gets really rough and flaky (my chin and sides of my nose), but now not anymore. My skin also feels supple and bouncy, also nice to touch because Aura Snaily moisturizes my skin well. One thing that impressed me most is it stops my acne, usually every few days I have 1-3 small pimples on my jaw area, it happens all the time, even outside my period. I'm on my period now, and I'm acne free. YAY!

But unfortunately I don't see much change on my acne scars, they are still there, you can see that they are disappearing but no significant change. My pores also stay the same, still as gigantic as ever. *sobs* LOL probably I'm too impatient, I need to use them for more than 2 weeks to see the final result.


PROS ( Aura Wink + Aura Snaily Combo)
* Makes skin looks brighter, supple and moist
*Improving skin texture
 * Doesn't cause acne, instead stopping it
* Made of natural ingredients
* Doesn't feel greasy

CONS ( Aura Wink + Aura Snaily Combo)
* Comes in a sachet packaging
* Doesn't do much on acne scars



Overall, if you want to try Thailand skincare you might want to give this a try as starters. Aura Wink is nice as a skin booster and Aura Snaily is also great for daily moisturizer, since it can act as both day and night cream. It gives enough moisture without any stickiness or slimy feeling even though it's made of snail slime ^^. It also helps to lighten acne scars, though it's not much. But I still like it because it feels nice and comfortable on my skin, also it keeps my acne away ^^


If you live in Indonesia and would like to try these products and another Thailand skincares, Bangkok Face Indonesia provides them for you :D

Bangkok Face Indonesia

BBM : 74EF8B94
LINE : kimmykhoe
Whatsapp : +62989239441
Instagram: @bangkokfaceindonesia
Facebook :

So that's it for today, I have to go to sleep because I have class tomorrow >_>

See you on my next post!

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  1. mukamu lucu bgt XD cutee
    bannermu bagusss..itu gambar sendiri kah? *salah fokus*
    lucu yaa ilustrasi di sachetnya <3

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    1. Hahahah masa..padahal serem gitu baru bangun tidurr.. but thank you ^_^

      Iya gambar sendiri, ga kelar asal templok jd agak acakadut >,>

      Iya lucu yaa vektor cewek mininya hahaha

      Thank you for coming ^_^

  2. thanks for reviewing these products. I haven't heard of this before actually, there are so many Thai skincare nowadays that I don't even understand what is it for :D nice review!


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  4. Hi, I wanna ask you about Aura snaily. As I see in the direction, I can use Aura Snaily as day and night cream everyday. What I really want to know and ask is, can I use Aura Snaily cream as a day cream but, I don't use it at night because I use night routine cream from my doctor. So can I use aura snaily for daily day cream and cream from doctor for daily night cream? Please kindly answer my question. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Cita, I'm sorry I can't help much on this but I suggest to consult with your doctor first. Because she/he knows about your skin condition and the prescription of your night cream, she/he would know best whether your night cream can be used with Aura Snaily or not. ^^

      I hope this would give you some insights (though it's not much, I'm sorry u_u)

      Thanks for reading and dropping by !

  5. great review About thailand whitening products. Thanks for sharing


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