REVIEW : Etude House Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring in Natural Brown

by - Friday, June 06, 2014

Aloha girls! I'm back with another hair dye review. As I've said here before, I always regularly dye my hair every 3 months or so to get rid of the dark roots and to 'refresh' the color that mostly has faded and start to look dull. And you know, bubble hair dye has always been my favorite choice to dye my hair rather than doing it at salon, because it's easy to use, hassle-free, cheaper and less damaging. Well by that I don't mean that bubble hair dye is better than professional hairdye at salons though, but because of a few factors of consideration I prefer to stick with bubble hair dye for now.

I love to try different brands of bubble dye and now my choice falls to a bubble dye from Etude House called Hot Style Bubble Hair Coloring, because it's easy to find at any Etude House store and the price is just rightttt, only IDR 88k. This is the cheapest bubble dye I could find in the market, I was kinda broke at that time, no money for Japanese hair dye so I grabbed it with no hesitation lol

etude bubble hairdye

Etude House Bubble Hair Coloring has 7 colors to choose, and my color of choice is Natural Brown, because among all colors available it's the closest to my current hair color, I usually choose medium brown color for my hair, or anything that doesn't look red, too orange or too yellow, so I think Natural Brown is the right color to pick. 

Thank God they provide the English instruction on the box. Well most bubble dyes in pump-type have the same procedure so I did not pay much attention to it, but for first timers this sure would come in handy. But I wonder why don't they provide the color chart?!?! 

Anyway, let's see what's inside the box!


The hairdye set consists of : (No. 1) Hair colorant sachet, (No. 2) Pump bottle with developer inside, A plastic wrap containing instruction paper, plastic gloves & shoulder cover;  and also a small sachet of Silky Perfumed Conditioner. I love that they provide shoulder cover! How thoughtful!

Very well then, let's just start! But one thing to remember, before you start dyeing your hair, especially if this is your first time doing it, DO THE ALLERGY TEST FIRST. Well, just as a precaution to avoid unexpected things that might happen.  Take a small drop of the developer (No 2) and colorant (No.1) liquid, mix it with a Q tip/cutton bud and apply it on your inner arm then wait for at least a day, If there's no significant reaction then you're safe to dye your hair.

So this is my hair condition before the dyeing process. As you can see, my roots are quite long already, and  quite contrast to the color below it, which is annoying. I wish my hair  would grow brown instead of black lol #blamingthedestiny

Don't bother about my messy hair and oily scalp. I haven't taken a shower here lol

hair before

First thing first, prepare your war outfit! Because hair dyeing process could get messy, wear a shirt that you don't really care about then protect yourself with plastic gloves and shoulder cover.


The shoulder cover is honestly a crap, it's super thin and very very very easily torn apart. As you can see from my pic, my shoulder cover is split into two the moment I put my head through the neck hole. Maybe because my head is too big? -__-


Next, open the hair colorant sachet (No.1) and pour the content inside the developer bottle (No.2)


Secure the bottle cap and mix the liquid by tilting the bottle to the right and left. Do it gently, and remember DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE. Just tilt the bottle gently and everything will be mixed up.


Remove the stopper and press the pump. Voila, you get a fluffy white and very clean colored bubble. This is surprising actually, most bubble dyes I used always look purplish or reddish, never they came in a clean bubble like this. The bubble texture is quite good, not too runny but not as creamy and fluffy as Liese. It doesn't smell bad too :D Usually hair dye would fill the entire room with horrid amoniac smell, but this one does not. It still has an amoniac smell, but not too strong and overpowering to the point that it would make you faint.

And another surprising thing is it WON'T stain anything except your hair. I don't know why, some of the dye are accidentally smeared over my stuff like my phone, door and even my shirt for quite a long time (about 30 minutes or something before I wipe it off) but it left no stain or whatever o_O

Pay attention, start only with DRY HAIR. Hairdye won't work on wet hair!

Because my roots are really black, I start applying the bubble from my roots first, then the inner part of my hair then stop at the hair ends. Massage the hair and scalp just like how you shampoo your hair, so the hair dye would spread evenly. It's easy to apply because the foam texture is just right (not too thick and not too runny). This time I put more attention to the inner part and back of my hair, because that's the hardest part to color, no matter how much I massage and apply the dye it would always stay dark lol.

 Since my hair is about neck-length, 1 bottle is definitely too much for me. So I save the remaining hair dye to be used later LOL. You can also share the dye with your friend, think about being irit & hemat  lol.

After you're sure you're doing everything right, just let the dye stay on your hair and wait like a boss 8)) Don't mind my face. Just woke up, even I haven't washed my face here.


Okay, wait I'm starting to worry,  I see no bubble. And I don't see my hair color changing. Makes me wonder if this thing could really color my hair >_>


I wait for about 30-45 minutes until the bubbles are gone completely. My hair is sooooo dry to the point that it feels stiff, crusty and crispy like a potato chip that could be crushed anytime. I wash my hair with a broken heart, cz my hair feels so tangled and hard to comb through!!! :'((

But this thing fixes everything though. My hair feels soft again the moment I apply this on, and it smells so flowery. SAVIOUR!
Too bad it comes in a small sachet, it won't be enough for long hair :(


So this is the result after I wash my hair, it's still half-dry though. As you can see my roots are still darker compared to the rest of my hair, and some dark patches are visible here and there :((

uneven hair

I'm not pleased with the result so I repeat the process all over again with the remaining hair dye that I had earlier. And this is how it looks like. BYE UGLY ROOTS!!!

final result

My hair becomes more vibrant (too vibrant in fact), but all my roots are covered and the color looks more even from the roots to the inner part of my hair, which is usually hard to dye .


It has excellent coverage and color vibrancy, by that I mean it might lighten dark hair so the color would look more noticeable. That's why under direct sunlight my hair is veryyy bright and orangeyyyy lol Not my favorite color though, I was hoping it would be a little beige-ish and less orange-y, well this is probably because I have bright orange-y hair to begin with. But for those with darker hair than mine might get more natural and subdued result, more like a medium brown or something.

 Few days after I dye my hair I can feel that my hair is so dry and rough everytime I wash it, I can't skip conditioner at all. This lasts for a week until my hair back to normal. I can say that among all bubble dyes I've tried, this is definitely the most drying.

Well here are some before-after pictures from different angles, for comparison





* Affordable and easy to get, you can buy this at any Etude House store near you
* Excellent color & coverage (after 2 usages)
*  Easy to use, no messy application
* Doesn't leave stain on skin, stuff etc
* Doesn't smell too strong
* The Silky Perfumed Treatment works really well
* Has a shoulder cover and English instruction included
* One bottle of  hair dye is enough to dye my hair TWICE! xD

* Very drying
* Has limited colors
* Needs 2 usages to even out the color
* Doesn't provide the color chart
* Looks too orangey



Overall I think this is a pretty good hair dye for newbies, or  for those who are a lil bit tight on money (like me lols), because it's easy to use and affordable. One thing that disappoints me is the color, I prefer it to be a little beige-ish. Maybe I should try Mocha Pink next time ^^;

So, that's it for today. Should go  back to my thesis soon.T_T Bye and see you on my next post!

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  1. I also planning to dye my hair, myself. Do you have any suggestion for any other product that can use for self dyeing ? one which is not too drying to your hair... Please let me know..

    btw, such a nice and detail review... give me so much information that I need

    Jean Milka

    1. Hi Jean, thank you for reading! About your question, I'm not sure this would be helpful because I can only tell based on my experience, so it would be subjective :( Hair dyes I've tried are Kao's Liese, Freshlight Schwarzkopf, Etude House (these are bubble dyes) and L'Oreal Majirel (at salon). Among these brands, the one that I feel less drying is Liese, I felt that after a few washes my hair went back to normal like I've never dyed it before lol. But the result would be different on each person of course.

      Liese is OK or try Revlon Colorsilk (I heard it's ammonia-free, so I suppose it's less damaging ^_^)

      I hope this would give you an insight ^_^

  2. bleaching dulu mak, biar makin manteb warnanya.
    murce di tante oka noh, se-elu paling cm 100rb lha hahaha. *bukanpromosi* *tapiemangmurah*
    kalo perlu sekalian bawa nih cat rambut ke tante oka, minta dicatin sekalian sama dia, biar rata bwahaha..
    gue juga mau kaya geto neh next abs rambut gue belang2.

    btw bagus yee lu dipendekin gitu..
    huhuhu gue iri *pengen* tapi apa daya muka gue kaya bakpao bulet membal2 :')

    1. Gile gak dibleaching aja rambut gw dibilang silo banget kaya obor olimpiade ama temen gw, gimana bleaching wkwkw kalo kena matahari gonjreng mania nen..
      Oooh lu yg kmrn bleach di sana yah? ahhaah termahsyur skali tante oka di seluruh taman modern

      Muka gw jg bulet banget ga ada dagu mak.. cm gw cuek aja wkwk malah kayanya lebih keliatan bulet pas rambut panjang drpd skrg. Cobain gih pendek..ntar ketagihan deh #weii

  3. How long did it last? Did you recommended the etude bubble? Because i wanna dye my hair for the first time, and i feel very worried about my hair.

    1. It's been 2 months on me, and the color is still vibrant, the problem is the black roots make it looks ugly T_T

      Actually for first time users, there are 2 things that can be considered. First, Etude hair dye has a better ability in lightening the hair so color would look quite noticeable and vibrant on black hair, but first-time users might be worried to find their hair very dry after using this product. Dry hair after coloring is actually normal, if you're OK with that you can try Etude. But it's all up to your consideration ^_^

      Hope it helps :)

  4. How long did it last? Did you recommended the etude bubble? Because i wanna dye my hair for the first time, and i feel very worried about my hair.

  5. Absolutely awesome! I would be so proud if I could do something like this!!!!.Hair stylist davie

  6. Halooo fany, thanks buat reviewnya.. Membantu sekalii oh iya untuk second try itu km nunggu brp lama ? atau lgsg km apply besoknha?? Kira2 untuk rambut aku yg selalu di cat red warna golden blondie akan masuk tdk yah??? Mohon sarannya yah fan

    1. Halo.. aku langsung di hari itu abis keringin rambut langsung aku timpa lagi, soalnya cat sisanya nggak bisa didiemin lama-lama jadi harus cepet2 dipakai hehe.. Kalo mau warna blonde harus tetap bleach lagi, walaupun sblmnya udah sering cat, karena blonde warnanya terang banget.

  7. Warna nya lebih jatuh ke orange ya, tapi bagus warna nya i like it

    follow balik ya ^^

    1. Iya jadi orange..ngejreng banget, kalo di bawah matahari kaya dragon ball berjalann..

      Udah di follback ya..salam kenal ^^

  8. sis, kamu bilang kamu mau simpen sisanya yg di botol. emang ga akan basi?

  9. sis, kamu bilang kamu mau simpen sisanya yg di botol. emang ga akan basi?

  10. Kak aku mau nanya dong, aku kemaren tuh sempet dye pake etude juga yg warna cherry brown. Karena rambutku pendek jadi kupikir bakal works walaupun makenya dikit. But hasilnya malah ga keliatan, cuma nampak dikit kalo dikenain sinar. Menurut kakak kalo aku tumpukin lagi bakal mau keliatan ndak warnanya? Kalopun mau, enakan tuh tumpukinnya pake warna yg sama ato ganti? Hehe thx before kak๐Ÿ˜„

  11. Thanks for this I will try this after my new hair transplant because I will get my new natural hairs :)

  12. I'm going to dye my hair brown this xmas break and after the break I will be dyeing it to etudes deep black? is etudes bubble hair color permanent and will the black fade and be back to my previous hair color which is brown?

  13. LOL on reading the comments about obor olimpiade. Anyway i was searching on people's experience using bubble dye n found yours. I usually dye mine at hair salon but im on frugal mode now. purchased 2 packs of etude bubble online for my half-back length hair, costs 210k rather than at hair salon which is up to 400k still with ammonia. anw, i once dyed mine by myself n belang2, so i hope this bubble dye improves the result.


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