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by - Monday, February 03, 2014

Hello! I'm back after procrastinating a lot during this banjir break-liburan banjir lol

Well, today I Just want to share my current complexion routine, including skincare and foundation. Well basically every step that takes me from ugly morning face to to yay-I'm-ready-to-change-the-world face. Some new items like make up base, foundation and blender sponge are now the part of my daily makeup routine. Back then my life was a lot simpler before I gained so much interest in beauty like I do now, I relied only on my fingers and BB Cream and then I'm ready to go, but everything is getting complex now hahaha Now it takes about 15-20 minutes everyday for me to do my face only *sigh what a slowpoke*. Since basically everything has changed, I thought of writing this post.

Well, I will mostly talk about the products I use and how to apply them plus some tips if you want to know more about foundation application, so here we go..

My day always (I'm sure yours too) starts with a freshly cleansed face. Is there any of you who dont wash your face in the morning? o_o My favorite face wash is from Hada Labo, but lately I've been switching to another cleansers. The cleanser I'm using now is Himalaya Herbal Neem Purifying Facial Wash. I love gentle cleansers that don't dry out skin like Hada Labo & Himalaya, but Himalaya makes my skin so supple and soft to touch so it also became my favorite now. I'm hooked <3

Moving to skincare, I cannot step further into make up if I don't apply my skincare because it is very important. Skincare moisturizes and takes care of skin, also acts as a barrier so your make up won't directly 'touch' your skin. And lastly, skincare helps to moisten your skin, making it suppler so it's easier to apply make up if your skin is well-prepared. It's so much easier to apply make up when your skin is nicely moisturized, trust me!

Every skin type needs proper skincare. If you're oily doesn't mean that you don't need moisturizers because you think your skin is 'soaked' enough. It's wrong! It was my mistake back then. Oily skin also needs to be moisurized, because if you dont your skin will still be oily but it drains inside, resulting in coarse and dull skin.

Usually my skincare steps go like this : LOTION/TONER ----> SERUM/ESSENCE (if I have one) ----> MOISTURIZER/CREAM. But If you feel skincare ritual (toner-serum-moisturizer)  is taking too much time, you can skip to moisturizer instead.

I've been using HADA LABO for a year, because it works well on me, doesn't cause any pimple or breakouts, moisturize my skin well and I don't plan to switch to another skincare in near time. You can check my review that I made in the past here and here

Make up base is something I have been using recently, didnt pay much attention before on how important a makeup base is.The makeup base I'm using is from Shu Uemura, it's a gift from my blogging friend (thank you! ^_^). I love it because the texture is mousse-like, so cute lol and it smells like vanilla cupcake #makanmulu. It helps to reduce my redness thus the skin looks more even, and it also makes my skin surface smoother so my foundation will look much better. More importantly, it has 30 SPF that would be great for daytime, because my faoundation only has SPF 6 in it. But usually I would skip this and just go straight to my foundation after my skincare if I go out at night.

After years relying on BB Cream I finally bring myself to try foundation lol I always thought foundation, especially liquid foundation, would feel very heavy and would definitely melt on my super oily skin, so back then I did not dare to try one. But after trying this Revlon Colorstay Foundation, all my pre-judgement changed lol
It feels very light, which quite amazed me as a first-time foundation user. The coverage is just right, the oil control is quite impressive and more importantly the shade matches my skintone perfectly, unlike BB Creams that usually will make my face looks different from my neck :/  I recommend this to any of you who has super oily skin with acne scars here and there like mine
I suggest to use sponge or brush instead of fingers for foundation application. Because foundation formula is different than BB Cream or tinted moisturizer which is usually more watery and thinner, compared to foundation . I've tried using fingers but the result doesn't look as nice as when I use sponge.  Since I cannot afford The Original Beauty Blender (lol) I use the cheaper alternative,  Masami Shouko blender sponge. It became my favorite tool to apply BB Cream or foundation now,  because it thins out the foundation so it creates more natural result. I swear when my Revlon foundation combined with blender sponge, it creates very flawless, non-streaky and beautiful result. In short,  I LOVE THEM VERY MUCH

The last step of my routine is applying concealer and set everything with powder. I have two concealers in my stash : one for dark circles, one for spots & acne scars. I have veryyy severe dark circles, so without make up I do look like a zombie lol. I used to use the same concealer that I use for my acne scars to cover my dark circles but somehow it didn't cover them well, even sometimes my undereyes ended up looking so greyish >_> so I decided to try concealer that has orange/salmon tone in it to neutralize my dark circle, and then I chose Skin Food Salmon Dark Circle Concealer. As for my acne scars and imperfections I use NYX HD Concealer. The coverage is just OK (not to impressive) but what I like from this concealer is it matches my skintone really well and it's easy to use.
And then to finish everything I gently pat Revlon Photoready Powder Foundation all over my face. Though it says ''foundation' it is actually quite light just like any other two way cake powder.

Wow what a long way to go, isn't it? All these steps take approximately 15-20 minutes. But when I'm in a hurry usually I would skip everything and just go with BB Cream only LOL.

So I present you my bare face that brings calamity to the world VS my face that is slightly covered with layers of products lol


As you can see, my dark circles are quite severe, and I have so manyyyy acne scars like moon surface. After foundation etc they are still visible but at least they look less annoying lol Really, looking at them makes my heart ache thinking of how my future husband would react if he sees my face in the morning -_-

And for comparison, here is what it looks like with super full make up


Skin looks smooth eh? Dont trust it. blame the blogger, I dont know why the image I upload looks blurry compared to the original image I have in my PC, even though i have resized it to bigger resolution.*What youre seeing now are the mega big A4 sized, unedited pictures.If it still looks blurry then I give up lol

UPDATE : Issues fixed. Blogger uploader is just crap. I use Flickr to make the photos sharp again. So hello pores! ^_^

Well, that's all for today I hope it's understandable enough and would do any good to any of you, see you soon~


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  1. Nice Post!

    I also love the colorstay foundation! one of my favorite! it has a large range of shade so each person can have their color with this foundation. the one that I use now in shade golden caramel. and that's the reason why i dont like to use BB or CC cream because mostly their color is for light to medium, while mine is dark :'(

    And I really want to try the shu uemura's base, the SPF 30 seems like a great bonus!

    anyway, enjoy reading ur blog!

    1. Yep, I also love it very much! I think the wide range of shade is one of the plus point of foundation that is absent in most BB Creams. I have medium skin but still sometimes a few BB Creams dont look right on me :/ It's like my face is all white but my neck is yellow xDDD

      Yup, Shu Uemura is great! but its expensive </3 I dont think I can purchase one if mine runs out ;__;

      Thanks for coming, glad to hear that you enjoy reading it :D

  2. thanks for sharing! :)
    I've been searching for a concealer and I feel like I wanna give the Skin Food concealer a try.
    Btw, how do you apply the concealer? it seems like a jar place, does it come with a spatula?


  3. Hello! Yes, it comes in a jar without any applicator or spatula. I'm fine with using my finger, as long as the nails are short enough so the product wont get stuck inside the nail x) but if you want to be more hygienic you can also use cotton bud ^_^

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