REVIEW : Etude House Rosy Tint Lips #8 : After Blossom

by - Saturday, December 21, 2013

So I have this kind of weird motto in my life. "Once a particular beauty product appear in my dream, it's the sign that it has to be mine sooner or later." It is surprisingly true sometimes, the Urban Decay Naked2 Palette is one of the example, it was purely the work of my luck and fate but it was sooo magical. A dream come true you know!  But most of my case went like this: after a particular product suddenly appeared in my dream, I kept thinking about it after I woke up, and yes you can guess the ending : I ended up buying it. -_-

About this particular product, I remember seeing this on Etude House advertorial before, but didn't have any intention to buy it though. But I remember one day I read a post by one of fellow bloggers about burgundy lips for autumn that became a trend in Korea, which slightly interested me. So my subconscious mind took that interest, then carried it to my dream. OK Claren, enough with your weird assumption -_-

Without further ado, this is the product that I've been talking about since the beginning

Etude House Rosy Tint Lips #8 : After Blossom

"This velvet type tint lips comes with a soft delicate texture and rich color to express lips of a rosy petal."

So apparently Rosy Tint Lips is one of the most popular product from Etude House Rose Collection for this year's autumn. There are 8 shades to choose, the hues aren ranging from bright fiery red, bright orange, petal pinks, soft beige to purplish dark red color. It is pretty impressive I think. Among the shades available, I choose the deepest & darkest color : After Blossom. After Blossom is deep, blue-based dark red color with a slight hint of pink.  Honestly, this is not a type of color that I can pull off nicely. I'm quite 'nekat' for choosing this shade. I usually would say NO NO to this kind of color. But I'm glad it turned out much better than I thought it would be! let's take a look at the advertisment here..

It's so prettyyy on her right? No wonder I'm sold! 
Plus it's almost Christmas, and the color really matches the holiday theme so I thought "it's OK to wear red once in a year lah"

Rosy Tint Lips' box design is seriously very pretty. If I were a graphic design lecturer, I would give this 9.5 hahaha. The rose pattern gives the romantic and mature vibe, it matches the target though (I thought the Rose & Fall Collection is targetted for girls with higher level of age? correct me if I'm wrong) Feminine design like this surely will attract a lot of girls. Bahkan saya yang gadis jedi-jedian ini pun bisa tertarik, gimana yang gadis normal cobak ._.

The tint is packaged inside a squeeze tube made of hard plastic. Compared to the outer box with flowers here and there, the tube is very plain looking xD

The applicator is made of sponge, and  I guess it's my first time seeing a lip product with such applicator. I kinda dislike it though, because the tint will stay on the sponge, leaving the stain on it and on the cap. It will look really messy! (UPDATE : ok this sounds gross but seriously, my sponge tip smells horrid now, probably because the tint soaked on the sponge so it become damp. Tau bau cucian gak kering kan? Nah begitu >_>)

I'm going to wash this later! >:(

The good thing is the sponge works well if you want to create gradient lips, but not so much if you want a bold lips with neat and clean finish. The round tip makes it hard to apply the tint neatly, especially at the corner of the mouth. It tends to make the tint 'bleed' outwards your lip line so you definitely need a lip brush for this.

I saw a lot of comments saying that the tube is really pain in the @%!# to squeeze, which is true. I need to transform myself into Hulk or Thor before squeezing the product out of this little buddy. But let's take on the positive side, that way you will not end up wasting too much product because you only need a reallyyyy small amount of tint to cover your entire lips, even lesser than that if you only want a slight hint of color on your lips that still looks natural. The color is buildable, you can apply as many layers as you can to achieve the intensity that you desire. 

This is how the tint looks like when it's squirted out of the tube. You can see that it's really thick, almost like a paste. If you ever squirted a watercolor paint out of the tube, this one looks almost the same as that. And surprisingly, the color looks exactly the same like the tube.

So let's see, how do they perform?

Despite the thick appearance, the texture is surprisingly very smooth. It glides and spreads easily on my lips and has a good coverage due to the good pigmentation. The color is very vibrant, super pigmented, and it looks exactly the same as seen on the advertisement, which is a good point. It is true that it feels soft like velvet, you can feel that sensation if you press your lips together. It's so soft yet lightweight, even if I apply it more than 2 layers it still feels comfortable and doesn't make me feel like carrying 2 tons of lipstick on my lips.

What impress me the most is the formula. It has matte finish, which scare me at first because matte lippies tend to make my lips look like a cracked ground in the middle of dry season. It feels slightly dry, not gonna lie, probably because of the velvet texture, but! it doesn't make my lips crack so I don't have to worry about having an ugly cracked lips as if I'm having a severe dehydration.

Many people say that the tint has a subtle rosy scent. I've tried sniffing inside the tube but I couldn't really smell anything ._. *fail*

There are 3 ways to apply this product : gradient lips, full bloom lips and as a blusher. I don't think it will look good as a blusher due to the super vibrant pigmentation, so I skip that. I havent tried it though, maybe later ._. Here I'm going to show you how it looks like on my lips. My lips are mega unattractive, sorry ._. please just focus on the color instead :'((

Gradient Lips

Full Bloom Lips

I'm very impressed with the color! It is so pretty! Didn't expect this to turn out this good, usually bold lips would make me look like a 40 year old auntie but this one is an exception. It makes me look fresher! Plus I think the color is really suitable for this holiday season. I'm thinking of wearing it on Christmas with my favorite sweater :3

Gradient lips. Looks pretty natural for daily, right?

Though it says 'tint', it doesn't sit and stain your lips like most liptints do. This little buddy here, well, it transfers everywhere and leaves stains on everything that made contact with it. It will leave stain on your cup, clothes, anything. So, my suggestion is press your lips on to a tissue to wipe off the excess of the tint, it would make the tint stay longer. Avoid eating and most importantly... avoid kissing while wearing this tint. You don't want your man to look like this, right?


+ Attractive packaging
+ Has many shades to choose
+  Feels smooth yet lightweight on lips
+ Nice matte finish
+ Super pigmented
+ Doesn't make lips dry & chapped
+ Very beautiful color 
+ Buildable
+ Reasonable price

- The sponge applicator tends to be messy and unhygienic
- Hard to apply
- Leaves stains at every touch
- The tube is hard to squeeze
- Doesnt stay well


eyeing on another color now hahaha

Overall, apart from some minor flaws that this product has, I still love it very much. However, to me it actually feels more like a lip color in cream form instead of a tint.  The color payoff  & the formula is pretty impressive, that's what I like the most from this product. I think the shade is perfect for this holiday, so I recommend this if you want to look more polished & fabulous on Christmas. I bought this Rosy Tint Lips from Riebutik for IDR 80k-ish. The price is quite reasonable I guess, not to cheap, not too expensive either for such quality.  

Aaaand... Christmas is just a few days away!! Since I wont be here on Christmas, I would like to wish you an early Merry Christmas, happy holidays and Happy New Year. Enjoy your time with your loved ones!


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  1. Aduh cakep amat sih neng ><

    aku juga beli tuh di korea yang after blossom.. awalnya bingung ini mana kagak keluar2!!!
    Akhirnya gw pencet sampe kebanyakan T_T
    sama.. lagi eyeing no 6 (tapi udah kebanyakan takut keburu expired) T_T

    the model kinda looks like me lool~

    1. ini kimi yeh? hahaha >< cakep dari manehh
      Iya emang tubenya ngeselin, udah dipencet eh masuk lagi hahah pengen yang nomor 7 ama 5 nih, gaswattttt

  2. huaaaaa cakeepppp ini >_<
    dirimuu juga unyuuu hahahaa
    ak masih penasaran sm yg #8 warnanya merah banget :D tapi galau banyak lipstick warna merah hahaa

    1. Hayooo beli aja kak dew,daripada penasaran nanti kebawa mimpi kayak aku lhooo hahah ( ´ ▽ ` )


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