2012 has been...

by - Tuesday, January 01, 2013

very nice. I must say.

It was full of blessings, I can feel it was a lot better than my previous years..
of course, unpleasant things happened as well, we can't expect life to be nice all the time, can we?

Well, I'll start with the bad first, because the best are meant to be saved for last :p

1. I lost a person that used to be my friend. We are completely strangers now
2. I feel like people tend to dislike me? even I feel that way towards the people that I just met. I don't know, I just feel that way :v Some of my friends even unfollowed me on twitter xD
3. The more I do the self-reflection, the more I realize that I've been a bit rude, annoying and arrogant recently. Maybe good things start to get my head high?
4. I spent a lot of money this year x_x
5. Recently I have lost my passion in drawing. I used to think that drawing is my main purpose in life, but now not anymore.
6. I got typhus for almost a month, wee it was terrible!!!! I thought I was going to die *lebay* but really, it was the wooooooorst, woooooooorst feeling everrr


And move on to the good things

1. I was finally able to attend L'Arc~en~Ciel concert, it had been my dream for several years, OMG and it finally came true!!! I didn't get to see hyde in person though, cuz I was in the Premium area, and I was surrounded by Giant, Hulk and tiang listrik, wtf, so all I could see from where I was standing was the screen T____T!! But I was happy, to be able to hear hyde's voice in real life. And he was as beautiful as what I've seen all this time on PV, live DVD, magazine scans, etc
It was really an amazing experience, I sang and screamed until my lungs give out lol then I passed out a.k.a tepar in the next day.
I'd like to experience their concert again! and I'd like to see hyde in person! :3

2. Earned my own money by accepting drawing requests, not much though. But at least now I can shop without letting my mom know #slapped

3. I started to gain confidence and started to feel comfortable with myself. At least now I'm not as insecure as I was before.

4. I've been in a relationship for 5 years, but this year is definitely our happiest year! :) And I'm glad that I no longer suffer from "love clap half hand", bahaha you know what I mean lol

5. My cousin is engaged, she is like my own sister, we were close since we were kids (even though we dont see each other anymore as much as we used to do)

6. Worked as a SPG for the first time, not really my type of job, because I can't communicate well. But it was a valuable experience though.

7. My birthday was great!! No big celebration or presents though, but it was different from my previous birthdays. I received lots of love, so it made me happy. Usually things went flat and plain on my bday so I wasn't really excited for it. But it was different on my birthday last September.  I'm thankful for that ^^

And 2013 I hope..

1. to be a better person. You know, I should behave
2. to see any improvement in both drawing and makeup skill
3. I dont spend much money on beauty products anymore, instead investing on art tools
4. I can save money for a trip at the end of the year x_x
5. to see another amazing concerts! I waant LUNA SEA & MUSE!!
6. to attend an illustration school. I'm planning to go to Carrot Academy. Well, that's my biggest goal this year
7. to wear less makeup! OMG whenever I did my makeup, I always came with an intention to go natural and as less as possible, but I ended up wearing thick eye makeup, and ended up regretting it when I look at the mirror, because I look soooooooooo... dempul :v :v I have to battle my makeup addiction I guess :v

OK so today I'm not in mood to talk about beauty products, so I just skip my beauty favorites T_T Instead I'll write down my favorite songs in 2012
This year I've been listening to music a lot, like 1352636213 times a day, wtf :v :v
These are my favorite songs in 2012, the songs that I've been listening a loooooot this year lol all of them are oldies, and Japanese, I'm very not gaul when it comes to the hottest songs in Billboard or another charts. If you'd like to listen.. well click the title and it will get you straight to youtube.

1. LUNA SEA - I for You

I really don't go through a day without listening to this song. It is definitely the most-played song in my library. First discovered this song 2 years ago when I watched a dorama called 'Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake' and fell in love with it. That was also the first time I know any of LUNA SEA's songs. My favorite ballad of all time.

2. OASIS - Champagne Supernova

Classic song, but I was only 3 years old when this song came out lol but I discovered this song while kepo-kepo on my friend's blackberry (Yes I love to kepo-kepoin playlist orang) And fell in love with the soothing sensation of the guitar at the beginning!!! This song alwaaays puts me in a good mood and gaves me a great feeling as well! First time I've ever heard of Oasis was in 2005, when their song "Lyla" came out, but didn't really pay well attention to them. But since I discovered Champagne Supernova, I began to listen to them, and they are amazinggg.. why didnt I love them earlier?!!

3. L'Arc~en~Ciel - Mirai Sekai

A lullaby-like song from my mega-favorite band ♥ My favorite track of their 2012's album "Butterfly" This song always give me that dreamy-like feeling (because it's a lullaby? lol) A very sweet song indeed.

4. Kawamura Ryuichi - Happy Ever After

 The sweet vocalist of LUNA SEA that I adore. I just love his unique voice! It's his version of Julia Fordham's 'Happy Ever After'. Both original and Ryuichi's version are nice! This song is my favorite track of his 2010's album "The Voice" where he covers famous Western ballad such as The Bee Gees' "How Deep Is Your Love" and this one.

5. SPITZ - Wakaba

SPITZ was a popular JPop band back then in 90's, I was first introduced to SPITZ by a friend of mine, and how I love their vocalist soft voice. It is very soothing! This is one of my favorite that I discovered when I was jalan-jalan on youtube in order to find more amazing songs from them

Phew, what a long and boring post to read, I know lol but I just cant help it, I do enjoy writing it.
Anyway, I wish you a Happy New Year! May God grant us more blessings throughout the upcoming year! :)

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