Review : Sleek STORM Eyeshadow Palette

by - Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello! today I'm in a mood to write in English lol, so I thought I might  just give it a shot even though you would probably notice some grammar errors >_< hehe Soalnya produknya dari inggris maka biar cocok, reviewnya harus pake inggris juga dong,betul? .. :v :v
 HAHAHA ya kagak lah... waktu itu iseng2 doang ngetik pake basa Inggris, eh tidak disangka tau2 sudah panjang, males banget kan udah setengah jalan diulang lagi ketik pake bahasa Indo lol. Yah itung2 latian deh haha Trying and learning. That's what practices are about, right?

Well,  I'd like to talk about one of the popular eyeshadow palette >_< I have never own a palette before (kalo eyeshadow yang isinya cuma 4 gitu keitung palette ga sih? hahhaha kalo ya, then Sleek is not my first) and as a makeup newbie with tight budget, I was looking for a good  palette that provides many colors so I can use one palette on any occasion. And of course it has to be affordable and comes with a good quality! I know Urban Decay Naked Palette is an excellent option when it comes to a good versatile palette,and according to reviews that I read, not any single of them said something bad about that palette, so it must be very good, right? BUT THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL I CAN AFFORD UD NAKED PALETTE! :v :v So I was looking for a cheaper alternative. I believe that good beauty products don't always come in a painful price tag, produk yang bagus enggak selalu mahal asal kita bisa pintar-pintar memilih dan kepo eh rajin mencari2 informasi, benar tidak sodarra? \(^_^)/

Long story short,  fate took me to SLEEK PALETTE. Among many variants of Sleek Palette available, I chose STORM. The reason behind my choice is quite simple, like I have told you in the beginning : I was looking for a good wearable palette, that has both neutral and dramatic shades; with good quality and affordable price.  Plus, I love shimmery eyeshadows. And Sleek Storm has it all. Another reason is I'm staying away from colorful eyeshadows, they are such an eyecandy, but too bad I don't have enough confidence to wear colorful ones, so buying them will be a waste

Sleek is a cosmetic brand from United Kingdom that offers make up with affordable price. I believe Sleek in UK is considered as a drugstore brand, no? correct me if I'm wrong on this.

Anyway, how did I know that Sleek Storm is good? of course I did a research before deciding to buy it LOL. My motto is that if 7 out of  10 reviews that I read said it's good, then it is good HAHAHAH So I had a quite high expectation.
One of them even said that Sleek Storm is a dupe for UD Naked and the texture is as silky as MAC, I don't know about this one though, since I don't own both UD & MAC.

So is it really good? Should I keep going with my faith? well let's see

Judging from the pictures that I saw on internet, I was under an impression that the palette is big, probably even bigger than my palm but in fact I was wrong! I was surprised to see that the palette is quite handy, slim, and really compact. It's not big, but it fits my hand perfectly.  Because it's really slim, it doesn't take much space inside my makeup pouch so I can carry it anywhere. Travel friendly! Which is a good point

The packaging was made from hard plastic case. And oh, I like the matte-like black surface with the shiny "SLEEK" printed on it, it's classy in my opinion :D

OK, let's open it and see what's inside!

Beautiful right? o_____O oh those sparkly shimmers!

It comes with a big mirror and dual-side applicator!! I personally prefer eyeshadow palette to be accompanied by a big mirror like this, it will be much helpful when I'm in a hurry :D

Sleek Storm palette consists of total 12 eyeshadows, 9 are shimmery and 3 are matte.

taken under camera flash

all swatched without primer! The pigmentation is OK!

List of the color from left to right ( I try to describe this based on what it really looks like in real life)

1. Shimmery latte color, almost gold, but a bit warmer
2. Shimmery bone color, looks yellow on pan, but appears like ivory color when swatched. This is the lightest color on the palette. Great for highlighting
3. Matte latte brown, reminds me of Luwak White Coffee HAHAH. This doesn't appear well on my skin
4. Shimmery gold, almost similar to the first color, but this one is more yellowish.
5. Shimmery light pink, very pretty
6. Shimmery mauve color, dark pink with a hint of purple

1. Shimmery bronze
2. Shimerry dark silver, which I think it is pretty similar to UD Naked's Gunmetal o_o
3. Shimmery dark green, a deep forest green, looks very dark when swatched, the camera flash cant capture the green so it looks almost similar like the gunmetal, so I have to edit the pic by increasing the green.
4. Shimmery dark ultramarine/navy blue. I cant really describe this one lol. I dont know why, it looks really blue on pan, but looks silver with a bit hint of blue when swatched
5. Matte dark brown, great for contouring as well.
6. Matte black

My personal favorite is the pink shimmer eyeshadow on the 2nd from the right on the top row!
It was the main attraction when I first saw this palette! Very pretteeeehhh >___<

When I first swiped the shimmers, they felt really good, very smooth and not powdery, I also noticed a kind of creamy sensation, and no major fallout (which is good!!). Unlike my Revlon Perle eyeshadow that feels velvety smooth but the glitters and powders are everywhere, it is frustrating really. Not only it makes the eyeshadow case look dirty but also boros you know, tiap dicolek bubuknya menyebar, hooh I believe it will hitpan quickly. The pigmentation is impressive as well, and the shimmers beautifully reflect the light.
The matte ones aren't as pigmented & smooth as the shimmery ones. Especially the black, it's not as black as I expected T_T and it's also hard.

One thing that disappoints me is that I got the newly-packaged palette, so it comes with a flat-pressed eyeshadows instead of the waffle-printed ones T__T huhuhu

Here are a few looks that I did using the palette...

A soft look using the pinks. I use the light pink & mauve color from the top row
Shimmery bronze color from the bottom row near the upper lash line
And light ivory color to highlight my brow bone & inner corner of my eyes.

Simple Brown. I use the shimmery gold (4th color on the top row) all over the lids
Shimmery bronze ( 1st color on bottom row) and matte black (last color on bottom row)
on my outer v's
(Sorry about the peeled off eyelid tape!)

A more dramatic one...

No eye-primer.  really vibrant, right?
I use the gunmetal color + dark blue + matte black from the bottom row
And light ivory color from the upper row to highlight my browbone & inner corner

* Contains both neutral & dramatic shades, perfect for natural and girly look, or even more dramatic
* 12 eyeshadows let you to mix the color according to your liking
* Nicely pigmented!!
* Soft and silky, easy to work with. It has some glittery/powdery fallout, but not too many, so it doesn't annoy me much.
* The shimmers are beautiful ( depends on personal preference)
* Good packaging
* Slim, sleek, travel friendly
* Accompanied by a big mirror and dual-side applicator
* For such quality, we have to pay $15 only. A palette with 12 excellent eyeshadows for only $15?
 How can I complain about that one? it's a great deal

* The mattes aren't as good as the shimmery ones
* Hard to get in Indonesia, since Sleek doesn't have an official counter here. But actually there are many local online shops that sell Sleek cosmetics, I bought mine from Make Up Tool Shop for IDR 150.000
* I wish I got the waffle-printed instead of the flat one lol but thats not a big thing, really!

Overall rating : 4.5/5

I personally really love this palette! This will make a good investment for a newbie and especially for those who are looking for a good affordable palette like me, I really recommend this for you.
But if you are not a fan of shimmery eyeshadows, you might find this palette as a turn-off

Have you tried any of Sleek palette? I'd like to know! If you have, please comment below :D

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  2. OMG this really looks like naked palette dupe :0 maybe they're only missing a satin pink haha I love satin pink :D nice review! I was like OAO-ing when I saw the palette with flash and swatches.. super alike! nice finding! :D

    1. Hi dear! thanks for dropping by! Yeah I did think that few shades in Storm are quite similar to those in Naked! (Sin, Virgin, Gunmetal, Sidecar, Naked), and Storm is 5x cheaper lol! That's what makes this palette super awesome! ^_^

  3. tutorial dong sist.. suka banget look yang kedua..
    pretty please?? xD

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks udah mampir ^__^ Huua tutorial? aku udah lama ga bikin tutorial takut menyesatkan,huhu Tapi nanti aku pertimbangin deh :) thanks yaa

  4. I love the look you created and love this palette. I agree with Sarah do a tutorial on your second look. I love that one too. Now on my way to check Ebay for Sleek palette haha!

    1. Hi dear! thanks for dropping by! I'll think about that later, because I'm such a noob when it comes to writing a tutorial lol xD Oh, you should get one! You might love it as much as I do! ^__^

  5. Hi, love the review.
    Where did you buy Sleek products? Thanks heaps.

    With love,

    1. Hi Medina, thanks for stopping by :)

      As mentioned above, I bought it from Make Up Tool Shop (

      If you live in Indonesia, you can get Sleek products from them (They have the best price and fast shipping as well) :)

  6. waaa pretty pretty woman <3 nice review cstef^.^

    1. wuah siapa yg pretty woman? itu mah kamu say hehehe thank you udh mampir ^__^


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